Who else is still running a Z68?

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2020/07/23 08:41:12 (permalink)
Mine has had a 3770k since I got my Z68 FTW back in 2012. I've gone through a few video cards (8800 Ultras, a 660 Ti, 980 Ti) and now my RTX 2070.  Alas, I finally have a video card no longer showing being put to it's full use, and I am now CPU bottle necked.  I'm getting about 60-70% GPU utilization.
It's gonna be a sad day to finally see the Z68 go.  It has been nothing but a great experience, and these forums have been great when I was initially overclocking it.

The gaming thing
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    Re: Who else is still running a Z68? 2020/07/23 09:08:56 (permalink)
    It had a good long life of seven years. Luckily it lived long enough to see a CPU war between Intel and AMD which helps a lot with finding great deals to upgrade to.

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    Re: Who else is still running a Z68? 2020/07/23 11:34:59 (permalink)
    Yes, still using the rig in my signature since the day they released P67/Z68. Still just as good and rockin along no problems.

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    Re: Who else is still running a Z68? 2020/07/27 11:21:10 (permalink)
    i am (Z68 FTW) and i have a problem were the CPU temp in the bios is reading 228C!!!!!! in windows it reads ~30c
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    Re: Who else is still running a Z68? 2020/07/27 11:27:20 (permalink)
    Im not creative
    i am (Z68 FTW) and i have a problem were the CPU temp in the bios is reading 228C!!!!!! in windows it reads ~30c

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    Re: Who else is still running a Z68? 2020/08/10 06:22:40 (permalink)
    Still using my 2600k on my P67 FTW. Still chugging but I think its time to modernize as im maxing out pretty frequently now with newer games. Might get me a Ryzen

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