Helpful ReplyWhere Are The SuperNOVA G7 Reviews?

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2022/08/04 15:10:01 (permalink)
Looking at the newly released SuperNOVA 750 G7 power supply for an upcoming build, but my bestisis friend (Google) don't have any reviews for me. With a newly released product, I figured there would've been reviews out by now. Just doing a little research for my upcoming build, so in no big hurry, I guess. 
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Re: Where Are The SuperNOVA G7 Reviews? 2022/08/04 20:11:16 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby Georgia Dawg 2022/08/04 20:24:28
If you have limited length dimensions this is the PSU for you.
We had 150mm of length room to work with inside of a Silverstone Grandia GD06 HTPC case which is in a rack. The rear of the removable drive cage faces the modular connections of the PSU in the case.  That meant a standard sized 150mm length PSU would not work. Neither would a shorter 140mm PSU like the P6 or G6 series.  The modular cable connectors take an extra 15mm or so of space; 10mm for the plastic connector, and about 5mm for the cables.  That is 130mm + 10mm + 5mm for a total of 145mm and you don't have any tight bends coming off the modular connectors.
We installed a 1000 G7 end of June and it has been running 24/7 since.  We replaced a PSU that suddenly started to crash the system when exiting Remote Desktop Connection: "Power supply surges detected during the previous power on.  ASUS Anti-Surge was triggered to protect system from unstable power supply unit! Press F1 to Run SETUP"
It isn't being pushed that hard though, an i5-4670K averaging 74% and a NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 running around 35% capacity.
The 8-Pin Power draw is 11.3 Watts and the PCIe Slot Power is at 7.4 Watts. Power Consumption (%) is 13.3% TDP.  It is also powering an SSD and three spinning disks.
One nice feature is the Eco Switch is in the rear and easily accessible.  We have been running it with Eco set to OFF.  
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Re: Where Are The SuperNOVA G7 Reviews? 2022/08/05 00:36:34 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby Georgia Dawg 2022/08/05 08:28:20
I haven't tried the G7 myself but I have used a G3 and a G5. Both have been great PSU and really EVGA PSU's have always been a brand I trust.
It does seem like PSU reviews are not as big of an interest as they were at one time so maybe the place to start would be looking at the past reviews for EVGA PSU's and see how reviewers feel about the brand and the past products they have put out.

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Re: Where Are The SuperNOVA G7 Reviews? 2022/08/05 10:36:24 (permalink)
With EVGA power supplies, usually the first question we have is who the OEM is because EVGA has used a few, to varying degrees of success and that helps you get an idea which direction it'll probably go. The G3 was Super Flower, G5 was FSP, G6 was Seasonic, and G7 is FSP again. Of the first three (that have reviews out there), the FSP has the worst reviews. The G3 was outstanding (can confirm...I have one), though some early review samples had some kind of issue with OPP that was problematic, and I haven't heard a bad word about G6's at all.
When you look at reviews for the G5, the one thing that seems to have caused the most problems (or at least, most negative remarks and outcomes) was the ACRF primary side topology. The G7 on the other hand has the half-bridge LLC resonant topology that the reviewers were all saying they wished the G5 had. So...can you look at a G5 review and just ignore any negative remarks about that topic? I'm not sure...but I think it would be in that general direction.
Obviously, you're right that without reviews we don't know if there's some weird quality issue with the G7 that hasn't come to light yet, or it could even go the other way and be somehow the best 1000W gold power supply the world has ever seen.

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