What's so grate about the 12th gen stock heatsinks ?

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2022/05/13 10:00:56 (permalink)
So I bought a i3-12100f not to long ago, Kinda disappointed in the lack of IPC/single threaded performance gain over my stock 1680v2, Its a upgrade but not much. The lower heat output and power draw however is grate. So over all I'm happy with it and can recommend the i3 for anyone that does not need the extra cores of a i5/i7.
Anyway I been told that the 12th gen chips stock heatsink are far better then older stock heatsinks. But I don't get it, other then being anodized black and having a slightly different fan its the same heatsink. The passive part and push pins are the same as older stock heatsinks. Temps are no better then older stock heatsink. Sure its gets the job done is looks 1000% better then the older stock sinks. But I don't get the hype. Maybe I'm missing something?

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