Hot!What is the screw size of the backplating of the 660 Ti+ ?

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2020/10/22 02:37:18 (permalink)
Model No.: 03G-P4-3661-KR
My thermal paste is long overdue and the warranty long gone, and my gpu is heating up. I just can't get the damn backplate screws to open. I used generic precision jewelry set screwdrivers and they aren't working. I just need to know the size of the screws to get a precise screwdriver for the job.  

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    Re: What is the screw size of the backplating of the 660 Ti+ ? 2020/10/26 11:00:54 (permalink)
    On my EVGA GTX670 FTW
    size for backplate = PH1  
    [PH0 - is too Small & you will round the screws]
    use a quality driver ... cheap ones are too easy to damage

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