What is the default fan profile for the RTX 2080ti Ftw ultra??

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2020/09/18 22:12:51 (permalink)
'm just curious. I know you have the option to set custom fan curves but I want to know what the default is. I've heard that the default fan profile never ramps the fans up past 50% and that's why it's so quiet. The card hits about 71 c in a well ventilated case, which, while not very warm, seems warmer than it should get considering its enclosure, giant heat sink, and 3 fans. Does anyone know?

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    Re: What is the default fan profile for the RTX 2080ti Ftw ultra?? 2020/09/19 10:38:17 (permalink)
    No idea.. never used default fans when I had an air cooled 2080ti ftw3 ultra or any card for that matter.

    Let them eat and do their job during gaming.

    I normally had them set at like 75-80% when the gpu temp hit 40c.. higher like max from 50c and up.

    Had the card fans running at 40% at idle temps to keep the temps down.. dont let it get too hot and then start gaming and watch those temps climb quick to a super hot card.

    The hard part is that you need to figure out the other hot temps for mem and power. And set the same aggressive fan profile for them. Which will be tougher as they dont bear as hot as the gpu.

    Would be just too easy if one could sync the other 2 fans to the GPU fan.

    It's like they all contribute to ultimately cooling the GPU heatsink.. so they need to get moving the same.

    Having them ramp up early before the card gets to 70+ is key to keeping the card much cooler. Dont wait for the card to be cooking at max temp and then have the fans hit 75-100%.

    Doing this will help keep your card happy and cool and max clocks.

    Just dont have the pc case right next to you or use headphones for gaming.

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    Re: What is the default fan profile for the RTX 2080ti Ftw ultra?? 2020/09/25 07:43:17 (permalink)
    Hwinfo helps figure out a ton of info and fan speed details. Might help.
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