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2020/10/15 12:40:01 (permalink)
Thought I'd document this here, both for feedback and so others can learn from my eventual success or failure.
My family's about to get a bit bigger, and the home office is becoming the baby's room. My PC is moving to the bedroom. To save space (and hopefully look cool as hell), I'm going to mount my rig on the wall. There are lots of commercial wall-mounting kits for PCs. They are almost all too small for the DG77, even the purportedly 'universal' mounts.
The best I could find was the 4"-8" version of this mount . It measures approximately 8" wide by 8" long by 7" tall. It's rated for 40lbs, which is about how much my PC weighs, so I'm going to swap at least the top two, if not all, of the included drywall anchors with molly-bolts. Why are there no studs in my walls? Who knows, but I've made a lot of holes, and haven't found any regardless of what the stud-finder said.
I'm going to position the mount under the center of mass of the PC (slightly towards the back due the the weight of the PSU and 1080Ti FTW3).  To reduce weight and thickness, I am going to remove the left (main access) glass panel, since there should be little risk of anything getting at that side of the case through the drywall. Sadly, due to the layout of the room, all my pretty LEDs have to end up facing the wall. If the gap is really big, I'll point all my case fans inwards and call it a feature.
I am also going to experiment with mounting without the right side glass panel, with the bracket instead braced against the steel chassis rather than bracing against the glass, and then attaching the glass panel. If it goes well, this will also let me hide the side of the mounting bracket inside the glass. 
I will probably put small hooks in the wall near the top of the case, not to support any weight but to hold it against the wall in case the bracket starts to sag. My greatest worry is that the height of the case will turn any sag in to enough force to peel the mount out of the wall.
I'm open to feedback, and will report back after the mounting bracket arrives next week!

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    Re: Wall-mounting DG77 2020/10/16 13:20:05 (permalink)
    Interesting project ... mounting the case to the wall
    Can't find the studs ?  sturdy attachment would be required, it could hurt someone if it fell
    moving to MODS RIGS section of Forums ... probable get more input in that section
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    Re: Wall-mounting DG77 2020/10/17 09:28:27 (permalink)
    Thanks for moving my post.

    The drywall appears to be supported by thin metal framing, based on past experience trying to drill in to 'studs'. My detector says there's one that I can probably line half the mounting bracket with. It won't support a screw against shear the way wood would, but I think I'll at least help resist tension better than drywall.

    You're absolutely right to bring up the risk of it falling on someone. Luckily, I should be able to position it to land on my monitor and glass desk instead...
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    Re: Wall-mounting DG77 2020/10/22 07:25:15 (permalink)
    Sounds like a cool idea , definitely secure the mounts.
    Good luck - show pics .

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    Re: Wall-mounting DG77 2020/11/19 12:55:06 (permalink)
    Definitely make sure you are grabbing on to studs, would be tragic and dangerous if that falls on you guys. Maybe an open post rack would work if you cant find studs, or they make some anchoring screws for drywall I believe too
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