Unusual temperatures on my 1070 SC

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2019/08/14 03:47:39 (permalink)
Hi, I've noticed that my EVGA GTX 1070 SC has gotten very unusual temperatures lately. And I was wondering if anyone here would agree with me that these temps that I'm gonna show are not what it's supposed to be.
This is with the computer idling and on for about 20 minutes with a very aggressive fan curve (I've been very irritated over the fans going ham while doing minimal load).

And if I start something more heavy for the GPU it shoots up to 83 degrees celsius rather quickly and throttles the GPU. Unless I keep it at a very high fan speed (which sounds like a turbine). Then it can keep it down to about 75-79 celsius during gaming.
This feels like it's way too high since I've seen people saying their cards have around 60 degrees during heavy load and the fans not making any noticable sound at all..

This is during about 5 minutes of Rome 2, and with a okay fan speed that doesn't sound like a jet turbine, albeit it's a tad bit too high for my taste when gaming without my headphones on.
As soon as I put the fan curve in a more silent mode (around 33%/1200 rpm)  the temperatures shoots to 83 deg. and I can see the frequencies throttling to keep the temps at that threshold.
My ambient temperature is around 22 degrees celsius. And my case has plenty of high quality noctua and be quiet! case fans. And my CPU is cooled by a Corsair H110i iirc, with the radiator in the front with two 140mm fans sucking cool air into the case.
And fans blowing out hot air in the back and top, and sucking cool air directly from the side onto the GFX.
Also to note is that the backplate is extremely hot to the touch and I almost, unironically, burn my finger if I hold it for more than a few seconds.
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    Re: Unusual temperatures on my 1070 SC 2019/08/14 05:44:31 (permalink)
    Change the thermal paste. Thermal paste pumps out over time and voids form.

    It's normal for the backplate to be hot.
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    Re: Unusual temperatures on my 1070 SC 2019/08/14 06:41:44 (permalink)
    So replacing the thermal paste doesn't void the warranty? Because on the backplate it does say "voids warranty if removed". Although the EVGA support told me to also try and replace the thermal paste, so I guess it's ok to do it. And I've built several PCs etc, but never fiddled with Graphic cards before.
    Also, the temperature in my case is pretty solid. But I guess I could move around some stuff and add a few more fans to get better air flow and try to negate any negative pressure that I might have today.
    To note, I did see a lot of dust in the heatsink, and I've removed almost all of it. That did lower the temps a little bit, but it's still very hot during gaming (still throttling unless the fans run at approx 80%).
    EDIT: Ok, I didn't have to remove anything but the heatsink and I've now replaced the thermal compound with some arctic silver 5, and I also cleaned out the remaining dust. I can now get temps around 76 degrees celsius during gaming in Rome 2 while fans are on around 25-30%. They are pretty much silent, and I guess that's good enough for now. But I might try and get some better air flow in the case.
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