Unauthorized Access to the BOINC@TACC Database

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2019/05/14 16:27:20 (permalink)
TACC 2 BOINC < t2b@tacc.utexas.edu>
Tue 05/14/2019 17:24 

Dear Volunteers,

The BOINC@TACC database has been accessed by an unauthorized user. We have also lost some data between Friday evening and Saturday morning (May 10th evening to May 11th morning). While your passwords are stored in an encrypted form in the BOINC@TACC database, as a precautionary measure, we request that you please update the password associated with your BOINC@TACC account.

We are currently in the maintenance mode and some BOINC@TACC features - like email notifications from the web interface - are not working. These features will be made available shortly.


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    Re: Unauthorized Access to the BOINC@TACC Database 2019/05/14 17:02:22 (permalink)
    Dang ...
    Thanks for the information

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