Ubisoft sues Rainbow Six: Siege DDoS attack website owners

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2020/01/20 03:12:46 (permalink)
As Polygon reported, Rainbow Six: Siege’s publisher has been fighting hackers for a long time. Last year, in September, Ubisoft had a plan to prevent players from executing DDoS attacks. This plan included ban waves, reducing matches per server, remove escalating abandon sanction, monitor/manage the network traffic, send cease and desist letter to websites that sold or hosted DDoS attacks, as well as working on other solutions with Microsoft partners. Later, in October, Ubisoft made an update informing the community that its prevention plan had reduced the number of DDoS attacks by 93%.
By continuing to enforce its plan, Ubisoft is now sending a cease and desist letter to the owners of SNG.ONE. This website sells subscriptions for as much as $300 for lifetime access to its services. The most common monthly subscription would go for around $30.
As part of the lawsuit, Ubisoft has asked the websites in question be terminated, and that is receives compensation for the damage caused. The lawsuit can be found HERE via Polygon.
This is interesting. I am curious if there is enough legal precedent to allow the shutdown of the sites. 

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    Re: Ubisoft sues Rainbow Six: Siege DDoS attack website owners 2020/01/20 13:49:51 (permalink)
    Good ... shut them down

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    Re: Ubisoft sues Rainbow Six: Siege DDoS attack website owners 2020/01/20 17:51:36 (permalink)
    Not that I support the website in any way, but the website advertises that they are selling the service in order to test peoples' own webservers/services and that it should not be used as a method of attacking others' web services.
    ... you get what you need for testing your own servers. Our team is ready to help you chose [sic] from the 2 options above. You are only allowed to use the service on your own networks.

    I think that, in order to win, Ubisoft will have to prove that the owners of the website had intentions to harm Ubisoft's web service.
    Maybe Ubisoft had become a paid member of that website and then found information available only to paid members; such as instructions about Ubisoft's game server operation and a list of IP address and ports to attack in order to affect Ubisoft's game services. Otherwise, I don't know how Ubisoft will be able to win against the website owners, instead of going directly after only the individuals who attacked Ubisoft's game services.
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    Re: Ubisoft sues Rainbow Six: Siege DDoS attack website owners 2020/01/21 04:40:56 (permalink)
    My best guess is the suit would make the website/service owners responsible for the action taken with their product. If the website is stating that it should only be utilized to test companies own services, then SNG.ONE should implement multiple levels of security so that the site is not utilized to attack the wrong servers. If SNG.ONE knowingly has their servers being used as DDOS against game servers, then they are knowingly allowing people to attack sites and IP addresses that are not verified as owned by the user that is paying for the service.

    As soon as an IP is entered that is “blacklisted” (Ubisoft servers for example) then users account should be immediately terminated.

    No matter what garbage disclaimer is thrown out there, the company knows that people are abusing their service and should absolutely be held accountable in the fullest extent possible.

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