USB 3.0/2.0 recognize bug

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2021/03/26 20:47:11 (permalink)
So, I know the XR-1 device works fine, it used to be recognized fully in OBS also. 

But now...   since my system was repaired -  Radeon settings noticed the video capture device just fine, XR-1 recognized and selected

But when i installed OBS and the "EVGA XR-1 RGB" .exe  drivers It says:  "Please check usb3.0 & 2.0 are connected"
But the hardware is fine. 
But something funny is going on here, because I recognise this generic bug from also Aorus monitor firmware products:   Before my screen and a program (must be made by the same programmer working for gigabyte/aorus/evga/etc) has a very similar bug in it.

OSD sidekick & the associated named RGB program for aurous monitor Before my system was repaired used to give the funny Bug:  Please check usb connection.
But I know in both instances it is not a USB error, as its plugged in just fine.
Yet, magically the OSDsidekick just started working again (since, i knew the issue it not a real fault, just a firmware/bug)
OBS studio doesn't recognise anything at all ! in the Video capture devices section! 
its just "virtual camera" listed. But Radeon finds it no problem, and also has no issues streaming at 2k.

How can i fix this?
Can you release a fix?
Because i know nothing is wrong with it,
maybe its just a waiting game, as i can livestream with it no problem with radeon catalyst backend..
but now suddenly its not recognized by OBS software (like it used to, before it worked first time)
and NOR has the Driver Firmware accepted it.

this might be a usb programming bug in your devices, as i mentioned i had totally the exact issue with a monitor (the firmware seems uncannily similar, must be programmed by the same developer)

Hope you can help! 
Thanks :)
I'd love to get livestreaming with OBS again!

I should edit/re-phrase:   Before my machine was fixed,i was running the 5700XT, but now i am running the 6700XT, (radeon picked up the capturecard first time -  it recognised the xr-1 with both 5700 and 6700  in the radeon settings)
and windows also recognized it okay, but the firmware for the XR-! and OBS fail to recognise the capturecard now when i am running the 6700XT,  (but it was recognised by the machine before first time fine with the 5700xt) like i said both the xr-1 firmware and OBS seem bugged, but the hardware is working fine and okay, its streaming and working fine in radeon with full functionality, but the 6700xt was not available nor around at time of commercial release of the XR-1 and the XR-1 and OBS are not familiar with the new GPU.
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    Re: USB 3.0/2.0 recognize bug 2021/04/06 15:25:54 (permalink)
    Make sure that both ends of the USB are connected. One requires USB 3.0 and the other is USB 2.0. 
    Also if you are on a AMD motherboard there are known USB issues which you may need to contact your motherboard manufacturer for further assistance. 

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