Too much HP

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2021/10/24 03:47:00 (permalink)
So I made a post talking about driver variance and it seemed to upset some people. Some people questioned my methods ect. One thing I learned was Fortnite has some sort of bottleneck at 1080P or bad engine coding. Thanks to Sajin posting his 4K results and getting me to see what 4K netted on my system (very identical 0.1% and 1% lows and average FPS) I could see it was 1080P comp settings having huge variance. After installing MSI afterburner and getting on screen stats with CapFrameX I noticed in fortnite my 3080 TI would be sitting at 1665mhz. Base clock and not boosting at all. Then suddenly it does boost to 1700mhz, 1800, 1900, 1665 all over the damn place. It made me wonder, is it possible the variance I was talking about with different drivers was the clock speed behaving differently?
So I say too much HP. It's possible my 3070 performed as good as my 3080TI out of the box due to this clock issue and maybe not as apparent on the weaker GPU. The fix? locking the core of my gpu to 2050MHZ through MSI afterburner or even EVGA precisionX. By doing this my results almost mirrored the 4K results in terms of variance on 472.12 and its possible this issue could affect other games at 1080P for all the 360hz cats out there.

My Setup
-Lian Li 011 Dynamic
-MSI Z490 Meg Ace
-10900K 5.2GHZ

-Artic Freezer II 360MM
-16GB Viper 4400MHZ
-3080 TI Founders

-EVGA 750 P2


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    Re: Too much HP 2021/10/24 08:56:46 (permalink)
    So not a cpu bottleneck?
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