Helpful ReplyThermal, driver and power adapter questions for SC15

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2019/07/11 09:22:58 (permalink)
New to laptop tinkering and wanted to reach out to see if I can get some clarification on things.  I'm trying to locate the turbo boost in bios so then I could turn it off to lessen the heat on my laptop.  I've just upgraded my m.2 onboard and took a look at the thermal (I would like to guess pads?) doesn't seem to be in full contact with the heat sink.  I'm just looking at the top crevice of the mobo next to the fans.  My question is, what thickness pads would I use for this.  I placed a 1.5mm thermal pad on the ssd to the mobo, but didn't want to fiddle around with the cpu/heatsink until I run more tests.  I was thinking of using grizzly thermal paste if what I'm seeing is really paste instead of pads.  I'm also looking into undervolting, and am curious to see what people set up in their precision app.
I reformatted the ssd and found that there RST drivers provided on the website have RST and Optane drivers.  I attempted to follow the readme to install, but I don't see optane appear in RST's status menu. Does this laptop not support this?  Any help appreciated.
I also am looking for a spare power adapter that's compatible with sc15,  I am wondering if there are other brands that may have a more rectangular shaped adapter vs the OEM EVGA square block. It just seems clunky to me.
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Re: Thermal and driver questions for SC15 2019/07/12 01:57:37 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby mtnhero 2019/07/12 08:58:16
For this laptop high thermals are normally. You should always use a good cooling pad under the laptop.
About Optane -it is used only with special configured Mobo and special HDDs, it's not necesary for SSD.
Hope this helps
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