The Unleash RGB software crash

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2021/07/08 12:36:01 (permalink)
Hello, I figured I ask this here first before going through support.  I just got a Z20 and like it so far but I have critical with the control software.
It crashed briefly after starting with the EventViewer pointing to it being the Firmware Update being the problem(?).  Images attached.  I tried removing the FWUpdate folder and it allowed the program to launch but in a limited fashion, with USB polling rate and such being the only options.  So far I've restarted after every attempt and tried v1.0.8.0 back to  I don't have any other RGB software except openRGB to shut off my motherboard lights (due to a bios bug not remembering to keep them off) and control my previous keyboard.

Any suggestions?

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    Re: The Unleash RGB software crash 2021/07/12 18:01:59 (permalink)
    If you have the installer for an older version try that. Personally I just got a Z15 in the mail today and am having the same issue when the application opens for a second and crashes with the exact same exception code and fault offset. Love how a brand new keyboard doesn't even have RGB software that works.
    Exception code: 0xe0434352
    Fault offset: 0x0012a6f2
    Also noticed a separate but related .Net Runtime error for FirmwareUpdate.exe. If EVGA wants the full EventLog of the errors, I would be happy to include those as well.

    EDIT: Tried a different computer and was somehow able to get it to update the Firmware for the keyboard and now it seems to work on the original PC. So I have no clue what is causing the issue. I hope this doesn't happen the next time a new Firmware update is available for my keyboard.
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