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2020/09/15 23:41:58 (permalink)
Just got my GTX 1650 SC Ultra GDDR6 yesterday. Bought this card with the Evga bucks I won from the NuAudio sweepstakes. I have a RX 580 that's slowly dying and when it got around 68c it would get intermittent black screen flashes randomly while gaming. Tried everything to get it to run cooler, Even new thermal pads and thermal paste because it seamed heat related. Have to down clock and under volt it to get it to stop and its just slowing getting worse.  Got tired of the dealing with it and needed a replacement. Couldn't afford to buy a new one out of pocket. Its a step down in performance but not by much and is nearly matched to the Rx 580 if you do a solid Overclock on it. Also its not power hungry or as hot as my 580. Only downfall is the amount of ram. Overall I'm happy with it and still able to play the games I enjoy. Just wanted to say Thank You for the Sweepstakes. I'm one of those people that never win a scratch off ticket let alone a sweepstakes and in the long run got me out of the pickle I was in with this video card.

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    Re: Thanks EVGA! 2020/09/25 07:45:28 (permalink)
    Always cool to see when ppl win the prizes and appreciate. Have fun playing!
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    Re: Thanks EVGA! 2020/09/25 09:49:32 (permalink)
    Congrats on the win, enjoy the card man!  If you can afford to do so in the next 90 days, don't forget that you can use Step Up to upgrade & you only pay the difference in price between the card you have & what you're upgrading to (plus shipping).

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    Re: Thanks EVGA! 2020/09/25 11:57:20 (permalink)
    It’s a great company.
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    Re: Thanks EVGA! 2020/09/26 01:47:12 (permalink)
    Congrats on the card!
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    Re: Thanks EVGA! 2020/10/20 02:14:45 (permalink)
    I bought the 1650 SC Ultra last month to cheaply revitalize a 7-year-old rig with minimal bottleneck, and this thing is great for high-max settings in 1080p @60fps (in most games.) I was looking at an RX 580, and while the extra 4GB of VRAM sounded great, the extra 50W+ draw did not. Plus, the GTX is rocking GDDR6, which partially compensates for the slightly anemic memory capacity. This is also softened by the fact that I prefer scaling or SS over AA blurrovision (especially with FXAA and/or mild TAA.) Outside of that little caveat, the 1650 Super is roughly equal in gaming performance, although results tend to vary between the two across different titles. (I did a lot of research...lol)
    I'm curious--which games did you test it on? (You mentioned a step down in performance.)
    The only issues that I have had were fixed by avoiding the Adaptive setting in Power Management. I set it to Optimal Power for general use, and Prefer Max Performance for games. (Precision X1 reports the highest clock speeds ONLY when set to Max. Adaptive crashes under heavy load changes, and Optimal is calm and cool--e.g. it behaves as it should. (Game-Ready driver v.456.71))
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    Re: Thanks EVGA! 2020/10/20 05:09:11 (permalink)
    Congratulations!  Enjoy the new card...

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