TEAM GROUP Launches New Eco-friendly Net-zero Flash Drive: C175 ECO

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2023/06/06 03:53:23 (permalink)
June 5th is recognized globally as World Environment Day. To support this year's World Environment Day campaign - Beat Plastic Pollution - and call on the public to take action against plastic pollution, Team Group is proud to announce our latest eco-friendly product - the C175 ECO Net-zero Flash Drive. Team Group has always been committed to researching, developing, and designing sustainable solutions. The C175 ECO Net-zero Flash Drive, therefore, revolves around the circular economy as its core principle and aims to reduce the use of new plastics, giving second life to waste plastics through recycling and reuse as we remain steadfast in our commitment to creating a sustainable future for planet Earth.

The C175 ECO Net-zero Flash Drive is made from 75% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics and is able to effectively reduce 69% of carbon emissions without compromising the durability of plastic materials, making it an effective storage solution with a smaller carbon footprint. Just 100,000 Net-zero Flash Drives is equivalent to saving nearly 203,000 sheets of A4 paper or eliminating the use of 9,200 PET water bottles (600ml), which means buying a C175 ECO Net-zero Flash Drive is the equivalent of saving 2 sheets of A4 paper or 0.1 PET bottles. Owning a C175 ECO Net-zero Flash Drive is a lifestyle choice, a commitment to energy conservation and carbon reduction, and a real step towards protecting our planet Earth. Let's beat plastic pollution together. The C175 ECO Net-zero Flash Drive features an ingenious concealed storage clip that enables users to plug the cap onto the back and prevent cap loss, which can also reduce pollution and safeguard our planet.
The color of our C175 ECO Net-zero Flash Drive was inspired by environmental protection and, therefore, naturally green. The "sage green" undertone symbolizes our polluted environment, while the bright "matcha green" evokes a budding leaf-like Team Group's spirit in launching the C175 ECO Net-zero Flash Drive. In a polluted environment, Team Group is taking action to manually remove carbon emissions and help our planet give rise to new life, adding a touch of green to our environment. Team Group is safeguarding the planet with real action as we continue to remain committed to researching, developing, and designing eco-friendly products. We hope that the C175 ECO Net-zero Flash Drive can raise awareness for environmental protection and give consumers an eco-friendly storage option. Join us as we take real action to protect our planet and way of life.
I applaud companies who are trying to make use of recycled plastics. 

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