Suggestion for Z-series keyboard RGB

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2022/08/08 20:01:14 (permalink)
After a certain amount of time, which can be set in the RGB Unleashed software, Z-series keyboard RGB lighting will turn off. It's an abrupt turning-off, like flipping a light switch. And when a person presses one of the key, the light turns on again, just as abruptly.
I'd like to have a gradual fade-out and fade-in option, where the lighting might fade to off over a 2-second period, and, when a key is pressed, might fade back on over 0.7 seconds. The fade-out and fade-in times could even be made customisable in the Unleashed software.
I find the instant off / on change in lighting to be jarring and distracting if, for example, I'm watching a video on my computer from a distance, like if I'm in bed or something.

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    Re: Suggestion for Z-series keyboard RGB 2022/08/08 23:58:50 (permalink)
    That would be nice for using the computer at night watching movies. I was thinking it would be great if the lights could have time frames for color and brightness. So that it could have a night mode that would be different from what you might want during the day.

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    Re: Suggestion for Z-series keyboard RGB 2022/08/19 11:54:00 (permalink)
    delicieuxz, I would suggest heading over to our "complaints and suggestions" section of the page and sending us a message! We are constantly checking there for ways to improve our products/software. You can find that here: https://www.evga.com/support/suggestions.asp
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