SR-X capability of booting up from PCIe

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2020/09/09 09:37:59 (permalink)
Been trying to get SR-X to boot up from PCIe for couple days now, it is able to see the drive format it and use it, put freshwindows 10 pro on it. Removed old OS ssd and will not boot up from PCIe.. Any ideas? Attempted going though the bios and could not find it, also in the attemptes some how I disabled 4 dims of memory and cpu.. /shurg (didn't tuch the jumper)
Thanks for your rime and help. 

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    Re: SR-X capability of booting up from PCIe 2020/09/09 12:13:50 (permalink)
    With my X79 FTW which don`t have M.2 slots, I manage to add a PCIE adaptor with the OS and boot from it, there are variety of information and methods in some forums, my way to do this was to order on eBay a modified BIOS chip from a vendor, may be  they can also do this for the SR-X, below the link...

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    Re: SR-X capability of booting up from PCIe 2020/09/10 12:01:16 (permalink)
    Hi, the best fast solution is to buy a raidcontroller lsi9260, cost 25-30dollars on ebay.
    And a bunch of ssd's 128/256gb.
    Mount 4-5-6-7-8 ssd's in raid0 config and with
    Pcie 2.0 8x =4000mb/s
    4 =2000mb/s
    Theoretical speed and 100% bootable from bios

    All pcie 3.0 nvme is 4x =4000mb/s
    SRx pcie 2.0= 2000mb/s
    So theoretical
    Max 2000mb/s on pcie 2.0 x4 with nvme.
    Real speed is less.

    ( There are 16x nvme raidcontrollers but they only work with motherboards that have 4x4x4x4x settings in bios ,like amd threadripper, so pretty rear )

    More than 50-75% faster with ssd's in raid0 and better drive cache than a nvme on pcie 2.0.
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