Removing fans and shroud from GTX 1080 FTW iCX

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2018/06/06 15:32:46 (permalink)
I'm moving my build over to a NCase M1 (small form factor case).  I've read the best way to cool GPUs is with two static pressure 120mm fans blow out the bottom of the case.  The GPU is mounted at the bottom of the case, about 1" above the lower fan mounts, so with stock fans installed, it's impossible to have the fans exhausting out the bottom.  Some people install a big aftermarket heatsink and mount fans blow out the bottom, but there are none available for the FTW PCB.  
I was wondering if its possible to remove the fans and fan shroud but keep the heatsink.  That way, I could keep the card cooled with two static pressure fans blowing out the bottom, while utilizing the original heatsink on the card.  I have redone the thermal paste before, but I don't want to if I don't need to, because it's a bit of a pain to pull it all apart.  Let me know if I'm crazy or if anyone has done something similar.  

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    Re: Removing fans and shroud from GTX 1080 FTW iCX 2018/06/06 17:47:51 (permalink)
    You most likely can do it, but you'll need to sit down and take your time taking it apart.

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    Re: Removing fans and shroud from GTX 1080 FTW iCX 2018/06/06 18:44:45 (permalink)
    I'd be interested in what happens when you do this.

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    Re: Removing fans and shroud from GTX 1080 FTW iCX 2018/06/14 03:18:50 (permalink)
    I had THE EXACT SAME IDEA! and google brought me here.
    from the videos I watched the top plastic and fans can easily come out without taking the back plate off IS THIS CORRECT?
     I also got the Ncase M1 however I have found no info there are no instructions for this, most ppl completely take it apart which I think it stupid.
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