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2019/09/10 21:42:38 (permalink)
Never Forget.



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    Re: Remembrance of 9/11 2019/09/10 22:22:59 (permalink)
    +1. Remember those innocent lives who perished that day

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    Re: Remembrance of 9/11 2019/09/10 22:56:55 (permalink)
    +1. Remember those innocent lives who perished that day

    Never Forget 🤕

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    Re: Remembrance of 9/11 2019/09/11 00:30:29 (permalink)
    Please if conspiracy theorists who claim that Americans killed Americans show up immediately delete posts.
    RIP to everyone who lost lives in this tragedy because sick people with insane believes. 

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    Re: Remembrance of 9/11 2019/09/11 05:10:42 (permalink)

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    Re: Remembrance of 9/11 2019/09/11 06:15:42 (permalink)
    All the victims and their family members in my thoughts on this day!  My heart still aches for them all

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    Re: Remembrance of 9/11 2019/09/11 08:13:05 (permalink)

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    Re: Remembrance of 9/11 2019/09/11 08:20:52 (permalink)
    Thoughts and prayers to families of the victims of this heinous incident. Never be complacent and stay vigilant!
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    Re: Remembrance of 9/11 2019/09/11 12:20:15 (permalink)
    I was watching all of it unfold on TV, on that dreadful day. I could hardy believe it when the first plane hit. I wish it was a bad dream instead. Doesn't seem like it's been 18 years.. R.I.P.  Never forget! 
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    Re: Remembrance of 9/11 2019/09/11 12:29:39 (permalink)

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    Re: Remembrance of 9/11 2019/09/11 16:05:53 (permalink)
    I remember watching live on TV right after the first plane hit and wondering how a plane like that hits a building then the second plane hit and I knew America had changed and we had entered an era of war. I think after the attack we saw the best of Americans as well as sometimes we unfortunately we also saw the worst of some Americans as fear caused hate and I feel we are still dealing with some of that haltered issues.

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    Re: Remembrance of 9/11 2019/09/11 16:42:20 (permalink)
    Yes, i remember.   

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    Re: Remembrance of 9/11 2019/09/11 19:46:09 (permalink)

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    Re: Remembrance of 9/11 2019/09/11 21:05:34 (permalink)
    I remember being in my cubical and no one getting much work done that day as we had a tv rigged up and were glued to it, boss included. The person next to me had relatives that worked in the towers and later learned that thankfully they were held up before getting to work.

    I'm always a bit glued to the emergency services side of 9/11 since in my spare time I'm a Captain in the US Air Force Auxiliary / Civil Air Patrol. The various Coast Guard and Civil Air Patrol stories still interest me till today. Much like 9/11 damage assessment, I did similar sorties during Hurricane Harvey 1000 foot over downtown Houston documenting the damage with airborne photography. Most recently, I'm in charge of airborne damage assessment photography for CAP in Kansas. I train all aircrew personnel and help implement real world missions to ensure we're ready when the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center, FEMA, Kansas Division of Emergency Management or the state emergency operations center has a need. I prefer being one of those people that actually do, instead of just talking about helping others. Part of that is my personal response to 9/11 even to today.
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    Re: Remembrance of 9/11 2019/09/11 21:13:06 (permalink)
    I remember exactly where I was. Like it was yesterday.

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    Re: Remembrance of 9/11 2019/09/11 21:35:09 (permalink)
    I remember I was in school when it happened. It was horrifying at first, because I didn't know what happened, and everyone was talking about something major and big, I thought a war started somewhere. Then teacher told what happened when the class started.

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    Re: Remembrance of 9/11 2019/09/11 21:58:09 (permalink)
    I had just turned 21 and was at work when the new broke, didn't really know what had happened till I got home ( we dont have tv's in the factory). 

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    Re: Remembrance of 9/11 2019/09/11 22:04:15 (permalink)
    I remember where I was like it was yesterday. I will never forget. Also, remember being very scared. First responders, what an awesome group of people.
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    Re: Remembrance of 9/11 2019/09/12 00:50:09 (permalink)
    I went out the night before to the bar (10th).  I must've gotten home around 4:00 AM (11th).  Passed out and woke up a few hours later to use the bio with the parents getting ready for work and the TV being extremely loud.  I mean we're a loud household in general but the volume level stuck out to me when I was walking by half a asleep n drunk (most likely).  I use the bio and head back and look on TV and notice a high rise fire.  That's what the media was saying so I sit down and start watching when all of a sudden from the right side view of the camera a plane came crashing in.  It went from high rise fire chatter in the media (I think it was ABC's GMA or News Room) to 'oh we know what this is now but we don't want to speculate' chatter and everyone was freaking out.  At that point, I never went back to bed. I probably had 3-4 hours of sleep at me at best.  

    Many hours later, I head out back to the cafe/bar to hangout with folks and talk about what just unfolded.  Hanging outside, having a smoke and looking at the clear dark sky (must be around midnight - 12th) and it's complete silence and I mean barely any vehicles on the road.  I mean it usually is somewhat quiet but not that quiet and you knew that night was different from all the nights.  Not a single jet in the sky since we're not too far from the airport since all planes were grounded and the airliners were soon to be bankrupt.  I look up again and notice something.  We saw a slow blinking red light.  All of a sudden it dawned on us, it's a freakin fighter jet patrolling the skies!  It was an amazing feeling after that but things were never the same after that in a societal sense.  
    I won't go on and on but that was my 24 hours during that time.
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    Re: Remembrance of 9/11 2019/09/14 17:12:28 (permalink)
    It's very common for warlike violence to seem like it was yesterday, regardless of when it occurred. Not every single witness or participant feels like that, but most do (probably the great majority).  In that sense we can say the violent past is alive. In many places, invasions from centuries or even millennia before can seem to be alive today e.g. Alexander's conquests, the Mongols, etc.
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    Re: Remembrance of 9/11 2019/09/15 13:04:12 (permalink)
    I was here in NYC. 40 people from my current work died. It's still raw af.

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