Recommendations for an 8086k

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2020/09/27 10:33:57 (permalink)
I’ve had a cooler master air cooler sitting on my i7-8086k for a long time. Would like to try over clocking it and wanted to get some recommendations on what might work best for this. Anyone have experience with this chip?

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    Re: Recommendations for an 8086k 2020/09/30 01:31:34 (permalink)
    I think like PSUs, AIOs can last a couple builds so it’s good to buy quality. I would buy for this build and your next build. I went with the EVGA CLC 280 with which I am super happy. Even with slow fan curves I can’t go much over 70 degrees. For transient/bursty work loads all the fluid acts like a thermal flywheel and the fans don’t even kick up. Just make sure your case can handle the AIO with mounted fans.
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    Re: Recommendations for an 8086k 2020/10/01 12:38:45 (permalink)
    It really depends on how much you overclock. I don't recomend a 120 or 140 mm clc. For normal purposes, use a 280 mm over a 240 mm assuming it fits in your case. You shouldn't need a 360 unless you're running a hefty overclock and case support is much worse.
    And if you do get a clc, make sure your pump isn't the highest point in the loop and have the tubes on the bottom of the rad.
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