RTX 2060 SC Crashing my system

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2022/10/04 01:23:15 (permalink)
System Build 1:
Asus ROG Strix B460-H Gaming
Intel i5-10400f
Asus Tuf 550W
Corsair vengeance Pro 16GB 3200 kit 8x2
Zalman C9 air cooler
Kingston NV1 M.2 Nvme 500gb
Latest Bios (all default, xmp disabled) for the sake of getting the card to work
No Anti-virus installed

System Build 2:
Asus Prime Z690 D4
Intel i5-12600K
Corsair CX850M
HyperX Fury 32GB 3200 kit 8x2x2
Corsair H100i V2
Samsung Evo 960 NVME 500GB
Asus ROG Strix GTX 1080ti 11GB
Latest Bios (tried with my OC profile XMP on and with defaults XMP off)
Malwarebytes was disabled for the RTX 2060 install

Purchased an EVGA RTX2060 SC from Amazon UK about a month back, and opened + installed it into system 1 (all brand new components) for my YouTube video 3 days ago 01-OCT-2022.

System booted from the first run, installed windows 11pro, installed all the drivers, stability tested memory, CPU, fpu, and cache for 5 hours before downloading Fortnite, and as soon as the game loaded, i was seeing massive FPS drops, then the system hanged.

After a couple of minutes of Ctrl+alt+delete , and trying to find out what happened , i did a hard shutdown, and since then, i can only get into the bios, startup loading screen, and sometimes the windows login before i get BSOD (bad system config info) or my monitor just goes black, and all my USB devices go dead.

I initially thought it was a cpu mounting problem, or my RAM. I checked all the Mobo CPU pins, reseated the CPU, and tried booting with 1 RAM (failed with BSOD), i pulled out the ram from system 2 and installed it in system 1 (failed with BSOD), reinstalled Windows again (would make it to the drive selection screen before going black screen and some of my USB devices stop working) i changed the keyboard and mouse with my daily drivers, and same problem (thought maybe it was the USB mouse or keyboard)

I then thought it was my power supply, even though I ran a full stability test with the GPU for about 5 minutes to get the max power consumption (68W CPU, 148W GPU). I decided to pull out my 1080TI from system 2, and install it in system 1 (my 1080TI has pulled 300W from it's PSU) and to my surprise everything loaded perfectly. Was finally able to re-install windows, and ran all the tests again, made sure all the drivers were installed again, Started up Fortnite, on epic settings 1080p 144hz, and cleared a full game with 0 issues.

I then put the EVGA RTX 2060 SC back into system 1, and would get into windows for more than 5-10 seconds before black screen + USB turns off. Every subsequent reboot would be BSOD at the login screen.

And just for good measure, i took the EVGA RTX 2060 SC and installed it in System 2 (which is a known working system and my daily driver) and it would either hang at boot loading page, or black screen, or BSOD with the same error (bad system config)

Took my 1080TI and swapped it with the 2060SC in system 2, loaded fine, and usual performance you would expect from the 1080TI.

If there is anything I have missed to test can someone please give me suggestions because i honestly didn't want it to be the card, but it seems that it is the culprit.

Much appreciated and sorry for the long post, just want to be thorough.
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    Re: RTX 2060 SC Crashing my system 2022/10/04 03:37:46 (permalink)
    If you are within warranty for the RTX 2060 SC you might want to start an RMA. You can contact EVGA Tech Support for additional info. 

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    Re: RTX 2060 SC Crashing my system 2022/10/04 04:10:53 (permalink)
    Hey, thanks for the reply, i was reading that i first need to open a tech ticket? already sent them all the details, or can i just start with the RMA process?
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