RMA Woes - Over 1 Month With No Working GPU and No Resolution in Sight.

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2018/01/11 21:38:12 (permalink)
On December 7, I contacted EVGA to get an RMA on my GTX 980 SC ACX 2.0 that had been giving me all sorts of artifacting and game crashes. I shipped my card off and waited a couple weeks for my replacement card to arrive. My initial RMA arrived quickly and I was relieved. As a Twitch streamer, having to fall back on my old and trusty 560ti seriously limited what i'd be able to do as far as game choices.
When my card arrived, the outer box had a couple pushed in areas and I didn't think anything of it until I opened the package. The bubble padding that was put in the box clearly didn't do enough to stop the overzealous UPS man and all four corners of the inside GPU box were crunched. Upon inspection of the replacement card, there were multiple bent fins and the mounting bracket on the end of the unit was dented and loose from the rest of the card, meaning there was no way I could safely mount this card in my case. The card also had a rather strong chemical smell, not sure if it was something they used to clean it, a busted something or other, or if whoever had this card before me had smoke or perfume around it.
I contacted EVGA that day (12/22) within about 5 minutes of opening the package to let them know that my card arrived with damages. I knew that the RMA department would be closed til the 2nd and the tech had me go ahead and supply detailed pictures of the card and packaging. I was told that someone would be in contact. I followed up again on 1/4 and was told that I should have a response by Tuesday at the latest. It is now 1/11 and I still haven't heard anything.
My only hope at this point is that someone at EVGA sees this and can get this resolved for me. In all the years I've bought EVGA products, I've never had an issue like this and i'm sure it's just a fluke. As a proud owner of an EVGA Geforce4, 9800GT x2, GTX460x2, GTX560ti, GTX660 x2, and the GTX980 I'm talking about here, I hope I can get this taken care of soon so I can get back to a regular stream schedule and move on to bigger and better things.

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    Re: RMA Woes - Over 1 Month With No Working GPU and No Resolution in Sight. 2018/01/11 22:20:23 (permalink)
    Your thread has been reported to evga. 

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    Re: RMA Woes - Over 1 Month With No Working GPU and No Resolution in Sight. 2018/01/12 21:12:15 (permalink)
    Hello Masterkojiro and welcome to the forums

    I'm going to go ahead and send you an email to help get this matter resolved for you.
    -Jose C.
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