Purchased a B-stock 1080 Ti SC2, was dirty, broke a fan attempting to clean :(

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2021/09/18 18:43:31 (permalink)
I purchased a B-Stock 1080 Ti SC2 from EVGA store back in late June, 2021. When I got it, it was significantly dirty, partially bent L-shaped bracket, and had "salt" corrosion on much of the aluminum heatsink fins. To be fair, B-Stock is advertised as having signs of use, so I wrote it off. Temperatures have gradually been getting worse and fans getting louder to compensate. So in the middle of August, I went to clean it, just blowing out dust and dirt.
Unfortunately, I angled the air nozzle at just the right/wrong angle and one of the fans took off like a jet engine and 3 fan fins flew off just like that. Whatever, it was my fault. Didn't contact EVGA about it yet. Instead I ordered a replacement fan from overseas.
A month later, the fan arrives, and the seller sent the wrong model (a lower amperage model with a different wire position that isn't physically compatible with the SC2 heatsink). Pulling my hair out on this one and I don't want to spend $50 to get expedited fedex international shipping just for a fan...
Can EVGA help me out with this one? I am the original owner and have the sales receipt from EVGA store.
Picture included. My fan is on the right, the replacement is on the left. I definitely ordered the "PLA" version instead of the "PLD" version I received. Also super likely the replacement fan is a fake anyways; no date code, and "2 ball bcbring" instead of "2 ball bearing"
edit: picture upload isnt working so here is a link instead https://i.imgur.com/iB8ysoH.jpeg
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    Re: Purchased a B-stock 1080 Ti SC2, was dirty, broke a fan attempting to clean :( 2021/09/18 19:48:54 (permalink)

    This is a user to user forum.  If you want EVGA to assist you, contact EVGA.
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