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2018/05/17 02:15:06 (permalink)
Since the update/overhaul a couple versions back with Precision XOC, there was a significant change made to how the hardware monitor works and the settings you can use.
The feature that was dropped during that update, would be nice to have back. That feature is the ability to adjust the chart of each item that is being monitored.
For instance, at no point will my GPU ever hit 0*c, nor will it ever hit 100*c. My GPU also sits from 600mhz to 2075 mhz. But that chart starts at 0mhz and goes to 2500mhz, two frequencies that my GPU will never see. Why does the monitor have those? Its useless space on the chart. Prior to the major change you could set the min/max values for each item being monitored so the chart's top and bottom were useful.
I really hope to see more work put into the HWM.
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Re: Precision XOC Hardware Monitor - Graph adjustments - Min/Max 2018/05/17 11:31:56 (permalink) ☼ Best Answerby knoctum 2018/05/17 12:59:00
I hope the same.
I have reported these things as issues for the current versions since 6.2.4.
It currently is just a bit unhandy, you can set sensor alarms but only globally.
The alarms will respond if any sensor hits the default limit, so if you are tracking framerate that happens quite quickly.
And as you say, the default limits like for temperate being at 100°C, you don't want the alarm to go off only at 100°C.
For now switch to Kingpin skin, you can use the old OSD settings menu there to do the edits you want, then switch back to default skin and don't touch the OSD settings there.
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