Precision Temperature while in game?

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2011/01/24 15:17:53 (permalink)
I read somewhere that it's precision that was showing them the GFX Temp. While in game? How do I activate it? and if it's not precision, What program can I use that has an overlay of the temp while in game? GFX AND CPU if possible

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    Re:Precision Temperature while in game? 2011/01/24 17:15:36 (permalink)
    Yes, Precision is the application for the job for an easy way to display GPU (craphics card) core temperature while playing a game.
    Just follow along with the pictures below.  Click the buttons marked in red.  If the value of selections marked in red are already the same as in my screenshot, leave them.
    Click Settings button:

    Click Monitoring tab:

    Make sure GPU temperature is selected:

    Select to show GPU temperature on Onscreen Display:

    Select OSD tab:

    Click More button to customize OSD server:

    Make sure Onscreen Display is selected to On:

    Turn Stealth Mode on and turn Onscreen 3D off if you don't use a 3D monitor:

    Minimize OSD server to the taskbar:

    Close EVGA Settings by hitting OK:

    Minimize Precision:

    Now the OSD ("On-screen Display") will display the GPU core temperature whenever Precision is running.  Select Presion to start with Windows if you want it to run all the time.  Otherwise, open Precision before you start playing a game if you want to monitor GPU temperature.  Note that Precision must be running for the OSD to display core temperature in the game.
    You can select Precision to start with Windows by doing this:

    If you choose to have Precision start with Windows, you may prefer that it starts minimized in the task bar:

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    Re:Precision Temperature while in game? 2011/01/24 17:16:15 (permalink)
    If you have Precision, when you open it it also opens RivaTuner Statistics Server.  In Precision settings you have to add what you want displayed in game (temp, framerates, gpu usage,....) and what opens and closes the OSD in game.  In RivaTuner you set the color, size and position of the OSD and you can also set it up differently for individual games. 
    I was a little late .......  Pictures are much easier also

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    Re:Precision Temperature while in game? 2011/02/06 04:50:42 (permalink)
    I followed your directions but it still wont show up for me in L4D2. Any ideas or other suggestions?
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