PX1 1.02 custom fan curve bug with rad fan for 2080ti FTW3 Hybrid

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2020/02/13 13:47:09 (permalink)
Precision X1 1.02
2080ti FTW3 Hybrid
When using custom fan curve, for exemple setting 75% for the second fan (rad fan), all the way beginning at 20°, it just keeps =>boost=>stop=>boost=>stop instead of keeping the same speed all the time.
To reproduce:
Put a 5000ms "fan speed update period".
Second graph: set a fixed 75% speed beginning at 20° so that it's supposed to ALWAYS keeps it at 75%
Expected result:
The fan keep a constant speed during 5second, then get adjusted depending on the actual temp. Then keep this new constant speed for 5seconds. Then adjust.... etc.
With a set 75% speed, the fan should always keep the same speed.
Actual result:
The fan try to reach 75% a fractional second (10ms or so), then the minimum (which seems to be the 40% speed) during 5seconds, then speed up during 10ms, then the minimum during 5sec.... etc
The fan actually never even reach 75% speed, and only goes from 450->800 a fractionnal second before going back to 450 during next 5s.
If you turn down the fan speed update period, it does the same, only more often.
Sorry to double post with the RTX20 section, haven't seen the X1 thread before.
Hope it'll be fixed in the 1.03, 2 days now i own the card and instead of enjoying games i'm trying to find a fix to this mess...

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