PSU and MOBO compatibility

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2020/12/28 14:04:03 (permalink)
I received new z490 MOBO for Christmas and the CPU cables from my EVGA 850 B3 has a CPU cable that supports a double 4 pin CPU plug-in on my old MOBO; the new MOBO has a 4 pin and 8 pin plug-in, will I need an adapter to connect to this MOBO?

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    Re: PSU and MOBO compatibility 2020/12/28 14:24:50 (permalink)
    No, just plug in the 4 or 8-pin that is the primary cpu power for the board. The other isn’t needed unless you’re extreme overclocking.

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    Re: PSU and MOBO compatibility 2020/12/28 14:44:08 (permalink)
    I'd use the 8-pin --> connect both of those 4-pin CPU ends

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    Re: PSU and MOBO compatibility 2020/12/28 19:27:20 (permalink)
    will I need an adapter to connect to this MOBO?

    Maybe, but the first thing we should do after getting a new mobo is to read the mobo manual from cover to cover to get an understanding of things, like on page 15 of your EVGA Z490 FTW Manual where it says the following and would have answered your question right away.

    8-pin EPS Connector: The EPS is dedicated power for the CPU.

    4-pin Supplemental ATX Connector: The ATX power connector on the Z490 FTW provides additional power to the CPU. This connector requires the appropriate 4-pin ATX power that is provided by your power supply – often as part of a 4+4-pin CPU connector. (See Page 36 for more specifics to the connector itself, and associated wiring/pinouts). This connector is not essential to running the system, but may provide additional power to the CPU under a heavy load, overclocking, and/or benchmarking. The 4-pin power connector may be installed in addition to the 8pin EPS connector; it may not be installed in place of the 8-pin EPS connector. 

    4+4pin CPU connectors from the PSU can be used individually or fit together to make an 8pin connector that goes in the 8-pin mobo EPS connector socket, as you know.

    If you run into CPU stability issues and need the extra 4pin, you can buy adapters such as 'Molex-to-CPU' and 'SATA-to-CPU' (P4) adapters that are widely available if you search around, but initially it's not needed.

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