Overclocking results and timespy scores. (The humble brag thread)

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2023/03/18 18:57:12 (permalink)
Figured it would be fun to see what people are managing with their systems. I got a little behind on my build due to a work trip out of state and then getting covid on the trip and being stuck in a hotel for 5 days after lol, but i just got everything up and running.
Case - Lian Li O-11 ROG
Power Supply - Seasonic vertex... 1200w i think
MB - Z790 kingpin (no im not an extreme overclocker, just wanted a solid board and to support EVGA since i cant buy their GPUs anymore)
CPU - 13900k with artic freezer 2 and 360 rad (note theres some tight fits with this rad for a proper mount with a kingpin and the O11 ROG and had to remove rubber grommets off of mainboard tray but i made it work.)
GPU - Gigabyte something 4090, first one i could get at MSRP
Ram - Gskill trident something 7800 mhz xmp profile 2x16gb
M.2 drive - WD black something 4gb
case fans - phanteks t30
This is my first build in a long time so I have not manually OCed the CPU. From what I've read unless you really know what you are doing, you are probably better off letting it run in autopilot so thats what I did. During my memtest run, it seemed happy running all cores/threads at 100% @ 5.5ghz. During 3dmark timespy it again seemed happy running at 5.5 ghz with some jumps up to 5.8 ghz. Highest CPU temp i saw during all this was 74 so not too bad.
Ram. After loading V1.11 bios on the board i set the xmp profile for the 7800mhz ram and then bumped down voltage 2 clicks just to get it out of the red. Ran a full test (4 passes on free version) of memtest86 with zero errors. Took 2 and a half hours. While this was running i read that it may not be the best for testing ram stability with overclocks, so i paid for the karhu ramtest program that people seem to like for overclocked ram. Thats the one that had all cores/threads maxed at 5.5 ghz in resource monitor. It ran for a half hour with no errors. At the point i decided the xmp profile with the small voltage drop was fine. So why not push it further? Simple fact is that I live in an area of the country where AC is not common. I live in a new townhouse that has AC downstairs but none upstairs where my PC is so the summer will get warmer up here. I prefer stability over trying to squeeze out a few more percent. I do run an extractor fan in the summer to blow cold air from downstairs to upstairs lol. It helps a lot.
Here is the timespy results.
 -edit- well that bugged out and pasted a billion lines of code so heres an imgur link.

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