Opening an RMA?

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2021/09/16 18:21:21 (permalink)
So less than a month ago I lucked out and scored a 3080 Ti FTW3.  However, today, my card started acting funny.  Fans stopped spinning, Precision X1 stopped reporting the GPU and Memory clocks entirely, fans would not respond to any control, curves or anything.  Tried reseating the card, tried rebooting, DDU and Driver reinstall, reinstalled Precision X1, and even tried switching from the Normal to OC BIOS (which caused a black screen with artifacting, and no boot into windows at all).  The card intermittently showed Code 43 in Device Manager.  I tried to open an RMA to get a warranty replacement, but it says I have to have a ticket number to begin the RMA process.  I cannot for the life of me figure out how I am expected to get a ticket number to begin this.
Can someone, anyone, please give me a hand here?  I am at my wits end.

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    Re: Opening an RMA? 2021/09/18 14:42:57 (permalink)
    Did you try contacting EVGA? You need to speak with their RMA department before you can just file a claim I think. 

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    Re: Opening an RMA? 2021/09/18 16:06:10 (permalink)
    It is easy, go here first:  https://www.evga.com/support/rma.asp and under "Important Information:" you will see this:  
    • "Contact tech service for troubleshooting
    • Tech service ticket is required to submit an RMA
    • If you do not see your product on the list below, you need to register it first"
    If your card is already registered contact Tech Services at the above link.  If you haven't registered your card, do that now.  If you did not purchase it from EVGA, you will have to upload a copy of your invoice.  You'll see the option in the first link.
    After you do that , use the tech service link above and your GPU should appear and underneath you'll see "Submit Question."  Just put in the problem and in 1-2 business days you should receive an email with updated information on your ticket.
    For contact info and business hours:  https://www.evga.com/about/contactus/.
    This will get you started.  For more information about the RMA process read this:  https://www.evga.com/warranty/rmaprocess/.
    Good luck.
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