On 3rd 3090

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2021/09/28 03:24:25 (permalink)
So i lost 2 3090s to New World one in the Alpha had no idea that was it thought a capacitor blew or something wouldnt power on. Second one blew when playing the beta then i realized that it was the New World ..i really want to play new world but dont what to be stopped with the RMA process cause i keep making claims.. So question is will i be safe to try new world and not worry about not getting RMA? 
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    Re: On 3rd 3090 2021/09/28 03:57:29 (permalink)
    your not sharing much in the way of details ... causation is not always what it seems ... why do you believe it is the game
    Could it be a PSU issue ?
    Maybe a bad monitor or monitor cable ?
    hardware details?  MB, CPU, RAM, PSU
    OC settings?
    GPU-Z sensor readout while gaming ?

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    Re: On 3rd 3090 2021/09/28 04:37:28 (permalink)
    THey claim they were fixed .  I would hope the new cards should be ok 

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    Re: On 3rd 3090 2021/09/28 04:59:31 (permalink)
    In addition New World developers put an FPS cap into the game which should also help. 

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    Re: On 3rd 3090 2021/09/28 14:49:58 (permalink)
    Bricked a 3090 FTW3 Ultra less than an hour ago just 10 seconds after starting up New World for the first time after official launch. This was my second 3090 after bricking a first during the beta. Issue is not fixed for all of us, whatever it may be.
    Game runs butter smooth with 1080ti on same system.
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    Re: On 3rd 3090 2021/09/28 18:18:15 (permalink)
    i also bricked a 3090ftw3 after about 2 hours of new world. its a early run hardware issue. evga has been on point RMAing them though. 
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    Re: On 3rd 3090 2021/10/03 03:02:01 (permalink)
    if it wasnt a game would have been something else.i dont know what the problem is with the 3090 but my first one 
    out of box flickered was very hard to diagnose it was the card. replaced power supply sent my monitor in twice
    and tried every fix in the book contacted evga about 6 weeks in they were no help.so 5 month later could only assume was 
    the card,RMA and i just recieved  the new one 10/2/21 and flicker is gone.now it appears my replacement is black screening
    and now they are going to want another 70.00 for me to replace a defective card out of the box AGAIN.this has become a nightmare.
    1900.00 for a card and its the worst card ive ever owned.ive owned a 760,780 980ti 1080ti 1650super and this 3090 all EVGA
    so feel lucky at least they are honoring your cards the rest of us have to pay for their mess !!!!
    i had a zotac trinity 3080o.c. that i used while i waited for QUEUE for either the evga 3080 or 3090
    it ran perfect what i wouldnt give to have that day back.i sold it.
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