Noctua pushes back its "next-generation NH-D15" to 2022

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2021/04/08 01:41:13 (permalink)
Noctua pushes back its "next-generation NH-D15" to 2022 | OC3D News (overclock3d.net)
For many years, Noctua has been known as one of the world's premier CPU heatsink manufacturers, offering customers stellar performance levels with the company's signature brown and beige fans. Noctua has expanded to offer its users all-black Chromax series editions of their premiere cooler designs in recent years. Now, Noctua has been working in its next-generation flagship heatsink behind the scenes, a replacement for their world-class NH-D15.  

In the latest edition of Noctua's hardware roadmap, the company has delayed the launch of their "Next-Generation NH-D15" heatsink until 2022, after the launch of the company's "Next-Generation 140mm fan". This heatsink was originally due to release in mid-late 2021, though it looks like these plans have proven to be overly optimistic. With new 140mm fans in the works, Noctua's "Next-Generation NH-D15" (NH-D16?) has an opportunity to deliver significant performance uplift over today's heatsink designs, utilising the capabilities of Noctua's latest fan technology as well as innovations in heatsink design and manufacturing. 

Noctua's NH-D15 already stands as one of the world's best tower heatsinks, making its successor a product of great interest to many consumers. Given the pre-release nature of Noctua's roadmap, there is a chance that Noctua's next-generation heatsink may be delayed again. However, this is unlikely given the heatsink's broad 2020 release timeframe. As a brand, Noctua has a stellar reputation, making the prospect of a new flagship heatsink design incredibly exciting. As CPU core counts and TDPs continue to rise, Noctua is preparing a new top-class heatsink to meet the needs of future PC builders. We look forward to seeing this hypothetical NH-D16 cooler and hearing about the design innovations that will make its increased cooling performance possible. 
Personally I think this type of delay will cost the company more money. 


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    Re: Noctua pushes back its "next-generation NH-D15" to 2022 2021/04/08 14:55:34 (permalink)
    Noctua has been having product delays every year long before 2020 came around, it's unfortunate they can't ever seem to get on top of it. 

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