No ray tracing for Wolfenstein: Youngblood at launch

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2019/07/22 04:29:35 (permalink)
Wolfenstein: Youngblood may be one of Nvidia’s current poster children for their ultra shiny ray tracing technology, what with it being one of the free games you get when you buy any Nvidia RTX graphics card right now, but it turns out the game won’t actually have said ray tracing support when it launches this Friday on July 26. Speaking in an interview with GamesBeat, executive producer Jerk Gustafsson has revealed he doesn’t actually know when the game’s ray tracing support is going to arrive, as Nvidia’s engineers are still tinkering with it.
Personally I would rather wait for the Ray Tracing to appear down the road in an update if it is not up to a well groomed level. 

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    Re: No ray tracing for Wolfenstein: Youngblood at launch 2019/07/22 04:55:33 (permalink)
    good luck to them in getting some decent performance without adding insane blurriness to it....

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    Re: No ray tracing for Wolfenstein: Youngblood at launch 2019/07/22 06:52:27 (permalink)
    Well, That certainly Bites!
    After you spend Top $$$$ for a high end Graphics Card, You would at least expect the newest released games to use the advanced technology.

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    Re: No ray tracing for Wolfenstein: Youngblood at launch 2019/07/22 08:08:30 (permalink)
    Sounds like what happened with Shadow of the Tomb Raider.  If the quality is as good, worth the wait

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    Re: No ray tracing for Wolfenstein: Youngblood at launch 2019/07/25 15:16:47 (permalink)
    better wait than rush it
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