Hot!Newegg’s GPU deals include GeForce RTX 4070 at $499 and Radeon RX 7800 XT at $449

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2023/09/30 01:22:09 (permalink)
The most recent ZIPIT promotion covers the entire store and is applicable to a wide range of graphics cards. However, the extent of the discount varies depending on the specific model. Notably, even the latest cards, such as the AMD Radeon 7800/7700XT models, receive substantial discounts. To take advantage of this offer, customers must enter the “ZIPIT” promo code during the checkout process. This code will automatically reduce the price by 10% based on the current listing price. It’s worth noting that graphics card prices have undergone significant fluctuations in recent months, which means that the current price may not necessarily align with the official MSRP. As a result, some models are being offered at discounts exceeding 37%.
The RTX 4070 models, originally priced at $549, are now available for purchase at a reduced price of $499, marking a $100 discount from the official MSRP of $599.
However, the most noteworthy price adjustments are seen in the RTX 4060 and RTX 4060 Ti models, which are now available at significantly lower prices. The RTX 4060 is priced at $252, while the RTX 4060 Ti is priced at $333. These prices represent a savings of at least one-third compared to their launch prices just a few months ago.
Intel’s Arc A770 16GB graphics card is once again available for purchase at a price of less than $288, making it the most affordable 16GB modern graphics card currently on the market. What’s even more intriguing are AMD’s latest offerings, the RX 7800 XT priced at $449.99 and the RX 7700 XT at $404.99. Both of these cards have been discounted by exactly 10%, as they have not experienced any price changes prior to this promotion going live. The pricing of the Navi32-based models had been a point of contention for many, so perhaps with Newegg’s new prices, some gamers will find it easier to make a purchase decision.
It’s important to note that this deal is exclusive to one US retailer and is not available elsewhere. Additionally, it is a limited-time promotion set to expire on October 10th.
It's really nice to see prices come down even if only for a limited time. 

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    Re: Newegg’s GPU deals include GeForce RTX 4070 at $499 and Radeon RX 7800 XT at $449 2023/09/30 03:53:25 (permalink)
    It's more in line with what I would want to see a 4070 priced at based on previous generations. 

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    Re: Newegg’s GPU deals include GeForce RTX 4070 at $499 and Radeon RX 7800 XT at $449 2023/09/30 19:26:52 (permalink)
    That's more like the price they should be.  Now for the top tier!

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