New World server transfers to go live this week

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2021/10/18 03:59:53 (permalink)
New World’s immense popularity took Amazon by surprise. The increasing influx of players led the developer to create more servers to house everyone. As a result, a lot of friend groups were split amongst multiple servers, so Amazon is offering a free transfer so those players can now move to their preferred server and join their friends. The feature’s implementation was set for early October, but it had to be delayed because the developer needed more time to test it.
Following on from last week’s delay, Amazon took to the New World forum again to explain why the feature didn’t roll out over the weekend. Aside from downtime and server balance/load changes, implementing the feature would have also impacted other major in-game features, like Wars, which would not have started due to players shuffling around between servers.
Over the course of this week, the developers will detail how server transfers will work and now to use your free transfer token. Just the first server transfer is free, so choose wisely when selecting your new server.
Well at least one transfer is free. 

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    Re: New World server transfers to go live this week 2021/10/19 08:37:50 (permalink)
    That's the least of thier worries right now. The shiny newness is wearing off and the player driven economy is tanking with a glut of things that cost 0.01 gold being sold in bulk on it.
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    Re: New World server transfers to go live this week 2021/10/29 05:29:45 (permalink)
    The funny thing is that they solved the problem of queues by increasing the number of servers. Not their capacity. If there is a huge community that wants to play together. They don't care how many servers there are. They will all sit in line for the same one. And the servers are lagging just the same as before. The problem in New World is that many use cheats and overboost various. And no matter how they do not increase the server. They will still lag. Well this is purely my opinion.
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