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Re: New EVGA Elite Referral program!! 2021/10/17 19:44:37 (permalink)
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Re: New EVGA Elite Referral program!! 2021/10/25 21:54:54 (permalink)
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Also is it worth putting in time and effort, to become an elite member? Like how often do they have products in stock for the elite group? Haven't seen a lot of 3090's drops recently. might be bcoz I'm a regular member currently. Not sure if its the same for Elite members

The only advantage for elite is for new releases of SKUs (products) and on the release date and time elite members have the first 24 hours exclusively to auto notify for the queue based upon the time they are able to click the auto notify button for the product.  After the first 24 hours, then it is open to everyone. 
Everyone is in one queue for each SKU, there is not an "elite queue."  GPU drops are sporadic and with limited numbers in different SKUs.  When stock comes in, EVGA goes down the queue list for and sends an email to the next in line to ask if they want to purchase the item.  They have 8 hours to respond.
The next new release won't be until early next year.

Rewards code used.

Elite ID referral link: F28HL0JVLHT2C0FH5QJV
         For referral at product registration:                                For discount at checkout:
      My Rewards Program Code: IR2IS16H62                         Associate Code: MS709K401ICWSI5   
Remember to upload an invoice after product registration.
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Re: New EVGA Elite Referral program!! 2022/05/02 10:01:31 (permalink)
Are this referal still working I am trying to become elite member but I cant 
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