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2022/01/27 08:09:24 (permalink)
Spotted this on the E1 page which Is what really peaked my interest. Any news on when these will release?

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    Re: New 7th Gen coolers 2022/01/27 08:16:56 (permalink)
    Agreed.  The E1 package looks great, but I've already got lots of the items in that package covered.
    I would love to go with an EVGA CLC with a LCD screen like this one appears to be.
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    Re: New 7th Gen coolers 2022/01/27 08:26:02 (permalink)
    No information @ this time
    ... just the tease of the E1

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    Re: New 7th Gen coolers 2022/01/27 09:48:04 (permalink)
    Q1/Q2 according to EVGA_JacobF in a tweet.

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    Re: New 7th Gen coolers 2022/01/27 10:22:29 (permalink)
    LOVE the look of this & the additional functionality the picture implies!!  I have had great luck with each of my EVGA CLC AIO's but all have had the same issues.  LOUD fans and the fact that the RGB pumps design limits its mounting options has kept them from being perfect "10" products.  The fans were a easy fix/replace but on my newest build it would be SO MUCH nicer if the faceplate (outer part that has the "EVGA" cutout the RGB LEDs shine through) could be changed so the EVGA logo is not upside down if the pump is rotated.  
    It appears as if these things may not be issues in the new product.  It also appears my son is going to be getting a low use VERY nice (Gen 6) EVGA 360 CLC AIO with custom fans in Q1/Q2!! :)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
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    Re: New 7th Gen coolers 2022/01/27 11:16:26 (permalink)
    Been wanting to get a new aio, while I like the current evga one. I don't love it and was going to swap it out for a be quiet one. This new EVGA AIO has me dying to get my hands on it. Hope it releases soon!!!
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    Re: New 7th Gen coolers 2022/01/27 13:33:35 (permalink)

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    Re: New 7th Gen coolers 2022/01/28 14:29:22 (permalink)
    interesting to see they went with a different argb fan. Wonder who they went with.

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    Re: New 7th Gen coolers 2022/01/30 19:06:51 (permalink)
    I'm curious to see what pricing will look like on these. Most of the other AIOs with screens on the pump cost something in the high 200s to low 300s, which is quite expensive. I'm also curious about what the screen resolution and refresh rate will be, and if there will be any way to stream video to it. If the screen is a reasonably high resolution and refresh rate, I have some pretty stupid ideas about things to use the screen for.
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    Re: New 7th Gen coolers 2022/01/30 20:11:28 (permalink)
    One thing I notice in the picture is it looks like the bottom of the CPU shroud has a enlarge or possibly a stream to option. It makes me wonder if it’s to focus of the numbers or to like being that data up on a cellphone which could be really handy to have an app on the phone.

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