My EVGA SUPERNOVA 850 GQ fried two Motherboards

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2021/09/22 07:06:05 (permalink)
My z390 ASROCK motherboard started to smoke and spark and I killed power and went on to check that it blew up a VRM mosfet under the headsink, luckly my CPU and other components survived.
I had to buy another mb, but decided to test my PSU in another system first, and the same thing happened again, VRM mosfet went flying in front of me and sparks all over.
I was really shocked, as I never saw a VRM explode like that and I am truly shocked that I got an EVGA PSU to protect my system and it killed it. My cousing brought in his generic, white label PSU and the system turned on, no sparks, but no POST either. I was embarassed since I was always an advocate of EVGA PSU's.
Anyway, I live in Brazil. Sending the unit to the US is the only option, and that is expensive, since it is bulky and heavy. They ask to send it  with no cables, but my cable is smelly. After seeing accounts of similar problems here I can assume they won't even send me a new product, but a refurbished one. They won't tell me exactly what happened to the unit, but those types of failures should accompany a full technical report, and possible compensation for failed components.
Having said that. I don't trust the model anymore, and I don't want to risk my current and future systems. RMA'ing it to get it back to sell it might not be worth the hassle at all.
Is it possible to get a refund?
That would be the only reason that would motivate me to RMA it right now.

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    Re: My EVGA SUPERNOVA 850 GQ fried two Motherboards 2021/09/22 08:04:11 (permalink)
    See Exclusive Remedy and Limited Refunds: EVGA only offers refunds for products purchased directly from its official website EVGA.com if such products are returned within 14 days of purchase. Returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee if the product packaging has been opened, regardless of whether the product has been used or not.
    Maybe time to just bite the bullet and buy another PSU instead of the hassle and cost to RMA it from Brazil, up to you..Normally you just send the PSU itself for replacement because that's all that will be returned, even if you do send the cables..If any cables/connectors are damaged too, you'd need to Contact EVGA to arrange it..You could contact EVGA and see if they will pay shipping, that's been known to happen on a case-by-case basis.

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