Microsoft Flight Simulator will gain VR support this year

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2020/08/03 11:21:28 (permalink)
Microsoft has confirmed that they are planning to bring VR support to Microsoft Flight Simulator later this year through a post-launch update. Early discussions surrounding this hinted that this VR support was exclusive to the HP Reverb G2, though Microsoft has confirmed that this is not the case. 

While the VR launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator will coincide with the release of the HP Reverb G2, support for VR will extend to all Microsoft Mixed Reality VR headsets. However, additional VR platforms/headsets will be supported through post-launch updates. 
When Microsoft Flight Simulator launched on August 18th, the game will not support VR headsets, though the game will support TrackIR and a wide range of flight sticks at launch, which is great news for longtime Flight Simulator enthusiasts and newcomers alike. 

VR support for Microsoft Flight Simulator will arrive this fall on PC. In the future, Microsoft Flight Simulator will also release on Xbox platforms. 
The VR support should be quite awesome if Microsoft can get it done right. 

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    Re: Microsoft Flight Simulator will gain VR support this year 2020/08/11 12:56:55 (permalink)
    Should of offered VR support out the gate! Not later this year crap, lets just halfazz try on all game development now dayz...

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    Re: Microsoft Flight Simulator will gain VR support this year 2020/08/11 14:37:00 (permalink)
    This seems to be pandering to me. It's a popular thing to say you'll eventually implement VR. Star Citizen has been saying it since 2012.
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