Memory not recognized by EVGA nForce 790 SLI FTW

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2020/09/13 16:13:27 (permalink)
I am attempting upgrade to 8GB ram on my EVGA nForce 790 SLI FTW using 4 2GB Dimms - (Crucial DDR3L - 1600 UDIMM 1.35v)
My PC only recognizes 4 GB using any of two dimms.  (all of the new memory work in this config).
When install all 4 dimms, I get a C1 error and system halts.  The previous configured ram was 4 1GB sticks, BTW
so I think the slots are ok, too.
Perhaps I need to adjust settings in BIOS, etc. to fix?  I am a bit clueless how to proceed - no experience in this area.
Thanks to anyone who can suggest how to solve this problem.

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    Re: Memory not recognized by EVGA nForce 790 SLI FTW 2020/09/13 23:14:30 (permalink)
    • BIOS updated to SZ17?
    • Did you clear CMOS? (Turn off/Unplug the PSU and press the button for 5 seconds).
    • See if all sticks work in each individual memory bank (Blue slots/Bank 1 and Black slots/Bank 2).
    • Does each stick work individually in each slot?
    • What is the Crucial Part Number of the RAM?
    • Did they come in one kit or separate kits?
    • If separate kits, look on the sticks to see if any are different revisions such as Rev 1, Rev 2, etc.
    • Did you try setting the Frequency/Timing/Voltage manually and also X.M.P. in the BIOS?
    • Be sure the memory Command Per Clock (CMD) is set to 2T.
    • In the BIOS Standard CMOS Features menu, set Halt On to No Errors.
    • P1 and P2 Enabled in the FSB & Memory Config menu?
    Be advised that low voltage (1.5V and less) RAM never worked well with 790i boards and it usually takes a lot of monkeying around to (hopefully) get the stuff to work.
    Just a few things here for now.

    Here's some posts that apply you can poke through.
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