MY EVGA GTX980 Classified

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2020/11/24 02:31:34 (permalink)
Hello everyone who cares about EVGA products and all EVGA team! Hello from Russia. Please take a little time for my story. Sorry, i dont speak english very well.
I sent this email to
address: supporteu@evga.com, mkaesbauer@evga.com, jdarwin@evga.com but I got a response that my email looks like spam, so I'm writing it here! If you can send it to the above recipients, I will be grateful!
I know that EVGA produces great cards, I'm interested in overclocking (, , ) I had a Radeon HD7870 and wanted some EVGA card. A friend of mine upgraded and bought a GTX 2080, and sold me his EVGA GTX 980 cheap, since he was no longer satisfied with the performance, temperature, and noise. EVGA GTX 980 CLASSIFIED ACX 2.0 Rev.2 (04G-P4-3988-KR) (1291(1392 Gpu)-1753 MHz) serial №1510633988600621. V.Bios ASIC - 71,1%. First I tested the card in FurMark 1.22 (1920x1080 + 8MSAA), 10 min of test and the temperature was about 60C at about 1300-1400 rpm GPU VID 1.212 V.
Knowing that EVGA cards have a good reputation and a good stock in all components, I wanted to test the card's capabilities and get an additional free fps, given that I do not have the financial opportunity to purchase a newer card.   
I have the skills to install radio components and have "A clever pair of hands".
From the forum  () I downloaded the modified BIOS 84.04.2F.00.80. Knowing that low temperatures are important for GM204 during operation and overclocking, I disassembled the card, cleaned it from dust, removed the old thermal paste from the chip and applied liquid metal to the chip. I also further modified the BIOS (further increasing the limits, voltage, and speed of the cooler) and achieved the following results: AIR!!!  (1291(1557 Gpu)-2100 Mhz.) 2D - 30C and 500 rpm, FurMark (1920x1080 + 8MSAA  but sometimes a random crash at any time ), 10 min test and the temperature was about 52C, at about 1850-1950 rpm. I get 5076 Graphics score in time Spy (1.2). I probably could have scored more, but I probably have a weak processor (Xeon x3450 3600 Mhz).  This is a very good result, and I am sure that the card is capable of more, but further increasing the frequency led to screen flashes and artifacts. On forums I read that people overclocked the card more than 1600Mhz and read that Vince” K|NGP|N " Lucido overclocked the same card to 2177 Mhz 2200 Mhz memory. I understand that it was overclocking under nitrogen, but I am sure that with my temperatures it is possible to reach a frequency above 1600 Mhz. I suspect that NVIDIA blocked the possibility of increasing the voltage on the GM204 chip and probably obliged vendors. I think that in my case the GM204 chip is a little short of voltage and I'm ready to make a hardware voltmod. I don't want to set any crazy records, I just want to try to reach the GPU frequency >1600 Mhz and MEM >>2200, while keeping an eye on the temperatures. Please help me!
If you are interested in my letter could you answer a few questions:
1. Could you indicate where on the map there are points for measuring GPU and Mem voltages?
2. the xdevs website contains the Extreme OC modifications for EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti K|NGP|N manual () is it the same for GTX 980 Classified?
3. is it possible to programmatically slightly increase the voltage on the memory chips or only hardware? I know that there is a Classified Controller software, but it is not very convenient to use it all the time. 
4. Could you specify the shunt points for Trimmers For Gpu and MEM. 
5. Could you send me an unlocked GTX 980 Classy from KINGPIN BIOS that was previously hosted on Kingpincooling.com, but was later removed?(if you have one).
6. If I send You my modified BIOS, can you edit it or point out any of my mistakes?
7. Do the 3 hardware versions of the BIOS (normal, OC, LN) differ from each other, or are they three identical BIOSes with identical settings?
8. there is a link On the techpowerup website () on BIOS 3988-KR. Specified Warning: You are viewing an unverified BIOS file. The file is called 167674. rom, the description indicates that VBIOS Ver. 84.04.2F.01.80, but in fact it is VBIOS Ver.84.04.2F.00.80. does VBIOS Ver.84.04.2F.01.80 actually Exist or is it a site error?
Please help me!
I understand that everything I do, I do at my own risk and in case of failure, I will only be to blame myself!
I will expect any response! I am ready to provide a small photo report on the work done, thereby once again confirming the excellent quality of EVGA products. I will be glad if I could help you in any way. Best regards, Lavrukhin Roman.
With respect,
Lavrukhin Roman.

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    Re: MY EVGA GTX980 Classified 2020/11/24 07:28:27 (permalink)
    Welcome to the EVGA Forums
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    Looks like you plan to Push your GTX 980 to see what it can do
    Your NOT looking for support from EVGA ... So, email does Not matter ---->  You NEED help from the OC community Members
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    I am putting your Thread in the OC section of the Forums ... where those Most likely to know what you want will see your request
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    Re: MY EVGA GTX980 Classified 2020/11/24 10:07:07 (permalink)
    Hello! Thanks for answer! My configuration: MB & BIOS version - ASUS MAXIMUS III FORMULA (bios 2202) s.1156
    CPU & how cooled - XEON X3440 (scalped & lm) 225x16=3,6Ghz.(1.28V). cooler master V6 gt.
    PSU & ageOS Details - Windows 10 x64
    Nvidia Driver - 456.71
    Display - sharp LC39LE651 FHD
    What other hardware is installed - 16 Gb ddr3 2250 Mhz (10-14-14-31-1T), ocz vertex4 128, HDD WD640, X-fi titanium.
    GL on your OC adventure
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