MSI Shows Off Spatium M570 PRO Flagship SSD with FROZR and FROZR+ Cooling Solutions

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2023/05/31 00:25:07 (permalink)
A recurring trend at Computex has been to market flagship Gen 5 NVMe SSDs and the cooling solutions required for them to reach their potential, as separate products. MSI showed off its flagship Spatium M570 PRO Gen 5 NVMe SSD that's capable of sequential transfer speeds as high as 14 GB/s. The company demoed a single drive posting 14520 MB/s reads and 12409 MB/s writes on CDM, when paired with its FROZR+ active fan-heatsink. An add-on card with two M.2 Gen 5 slots, and two of these M570 PRO drives in RAID with FROZR passive heatsinks, posts 22024 MB/s reads with 23130 MB/s writes as measured by CDM.

The Spatium FROZR+ cooling solution uses an extruded aluminium monoblock heatsink to which a C-shaped heatpipe spreads heat drawn from the drive. This heatsink is ventilated by what looks like a 40 mm version of MSI's TorX 5.0 fan with a webbed impeller that's designed to guide all of its airflow axially. MSI claims that the FROZR+ cooler reduces controller temperatures by up to 30°C. The Spatium FROZR is a passive cooling solution that uses an aluminium fin-stack heatsink to which heat drawn from the SSD is fed by two 6 mm heatpipes. MSI claims this thing can lower controller temperatures by up to 20°C. Look at the sizes of cooling solutions for Gen 5 NVMe SSDs in general (across brands), we wonder why AIC SSDs with VGA-grade cooling solutions aren't making a comeback.
The raid speeds are absolutely crazy. 

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    Re: MSI Shows Off Spatium M570 PRO Flagship SSD with FROZR and FROZR+ Cooling Solutions 2023/05/31 05:57:51 (permalink)
    it uses all the PCIe slots...between being plugged in and the 14" heat-sinks they put on it lol.

    6Q6CPFHPBPCU691 is a discount code anyone can use.
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