MSI Demos Project Zero Inverted Cabling Motherboard

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2023/05/31 00:17:47 (permalink)
MSI in its Computex 2023 booth demonstrated its inverted cabling motherboard concept dubbed "Project Zero." The idea behind this is that all the connectors and headers of the motherboard are located on the reverse side of the PCB, and compatible cases have cutouts at just the right places, so all the cabling—including power—is routed to the motherboard in the crawl-space behind the motherboard tray. No cable is visible on the obverse side of the case (with notable exceptions being the CPU cooler cables, and the power cables of your graphics card). The prototype motherboard MSI showed off has Socket AM5, and is based on the AMD B650 chipset. The demo build reveals that it's preferable to have individually stranded EPS and 24-pin ATX cables, versus sleeved/braided ones that are tougher to bend and route.
I like this idea, but you need PC cases that can support it. 

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    Re: MSI Demos Project Zero Inverted Cabling Motherboard 2023/05/31 04:52:03 (permalink)
    How nice of companies doing the same as others and not developing a standard. Didn’t Gigabyte do that a while back?
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    Re: MSI Demos Project Zero Inverted Cabling Motherboard 2023/05/31 05:23:11 (permalink)
    Going to really keep the look inside the case nice and clean...I like that.

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    Re: MSI Demos Project Zero Inverted Cabling Motherboard 2023/05/31 05:53:54 (permalink)
    We should have had this 20+ years ago.  I like it.

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    Re: MSI Demos Project Zero Inverted Cabling Motherboard 2023/06/01 09:25:22 (permalink)
    Interesting, so that makes 50% of the board vendors offering boards with backside connectors and two case makers. MSI also said all of its future case designs would be modified to support those boards. 

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