AnsweredLaptop won’t start after complete battery drain

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2018/07/09 16:57:29 (permalink)
My SC15 won’t start after the battery was completely drained. I read to disconnect the battery (on other laptops) and then plug in the laptop to “reset” the battery (it was a little more involved than this). I cannot easily figure out how to disconnect the battery on the SC15, so I didn’t do anything other than take off the bottom panel and have a look.

The SC15 has been plugged in for several hours and still won’t start. Anyone know how to address this issue? I will call support tomorrow if an overnight charge doesn’t work. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Laptop won’t start after complete battery drain 2018/07/21 11:24:24 (permalink)
Calling support is the best thing to do
Not sure if there is a "hard reset" "pin hole" or something on your laptop

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Re: Laptop won’t start after complete battery drain 2018/07/29 20:07:22 (permalink) ☼ Best Answerby Cool GTX 2018/08/10 08:41:34
Hi ForwardPWS,
It looks like we assisted you weeks ago, but if anyone else is experiencing this issue, please try this:
If the laptop is holding a charge, press and hold the CMOS reset button (on the bottom of the laptop in the hole in the middle) for about 10 seconds and release. The unit should power on at that point. I then recommend updating your laptop's BIOS to the latest version via our Download Center.
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