Kingdom Come Deliverance officially sells 5 million copies

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2022/06/28 04:20:33 (permalink)
Kingdom Come Deliverance is the first and currently only game from Czech video game developer Warhorse Studios. Despite the studio’s relative infancy, they seemed to hit it out of the park with their very first title– officially announcing that Kingdom Come Deliverance has sold over 5 million copies.
Making the announcement on Twitter, the official Warhorse Studios account said “Today we celebrate the milestone of more than 5 million copies of #KingdomComeDeliverance sold across all platforms. Thank you for your loyalty!” As part of this announcement, Warhorse Studios also revealed that fans can win a diorama figurine of the game’s protagonist, Henry, by “telling your favorite KCD story on our Facebook, Steam or in a Tweet [HERE].”
Kingdom Come Deliverance first launched on the 13th of February 2018 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One to somewhat mixed reviews. Though the RPG’s focus on realism in many aspects was praised, its launch state was less-than-stellar, with a plethora of bugs plaguing the game. Fortunately over time these bugs were quashed, and continued support from the developers in the form of multiple story DLCs helped to flesh out Kingdom Come Deliverance in rather major ways. It is no surprise to see the game perform so well across the board, and with a Nintendo Switch port promised to be on its way (courtesy of porting specialists Saber Interactive), Kingdom come Deliverance still has a long life ahead of it.
5 million copies for their first game title is pretty good in my personal opinion. 

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    Re: Kingdom Come Deliverance officially sells 5 million copies 2022/06/28 07:53:00 (permalink)
    I bouight it 3 months ago 
    have about 120 hours in and I think I'm near the end of
    main quest, excellent game to me.
    Hope they come out with a kcd2 within a year or so. 

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