Is my good old GTX780TI SC worthy/capable?

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2017/07/12 14:43:13 (permalink)
Hi Forum Folks,
I am attempting to convert a photo & video editing machine out of a retired gaming PC which uses a 780Ti SC (03G-P4-2884-KR).  
My trusty 780Ti has performed great throughout the years but I'm wondering if it is capable/worthy to drive 2 desktop DVI monitors plus (coming tomorrow) a Dell UP3216Q UHD 4K monitor - all at the same time in a 3-mon rig running on Win 10(?)
I don't care so much about the resolution/refresh of the 2 desktop monitors being maxed as they'll be just that - the Windoze desktop and open application space but I do care about the new Dell monitor's resolution being fully exploited at 4K UHD (3820x not true/DCI 4K) at 60Hz for editing and final output review purposes.  Thanks to the usually needed Windows scaling in a single monitor setup, I plan to use the smaller monitors for those things that would just be too small to not be annoying with scaling turned off on the big monitor.
The big monitor set me back a bit in the wallet, as you can imagine but the parameters needed for proper photo/video work necessitate the investment.  Since my budget is mostly eaten by the new monitor, I'm looking to get both systems in working order with little to no further outlay, if possible. 
I'm fortunate to have options...
I can rob my current "gaming" rig of one of its twin 980Ti Classy cards (SLI) if needed until I can save enough pennies and/or they become available here on evga.com) to get a 1080Ti for at least one of the machines but that does leave my 3-screen gaming system a bit strapped for workload.  Another option could be to reduce the media editing PC's format to a 2-mon config (single desktop monitor and the UHD monitor), if necessary but I can't really go below 2 screens on that rig.
Plus if I split the 980's up, that means the future 1080Ti (when it eventually does come) will kinda be forced into the editing PC so the 980Ti can return to its SLI pair, again making the gaming PC "suffer", if it can be called that.  The gaming PC is actually used for driving and racing SIM work, not games per se', so it's important that it not be overly crippled - it's a working PC not recreational.
Said another way, so you understand my situation better - I'm not a gamer but my work in motorsports that requires a SIM system is best served by a solid gaming rig, if that makes sense.  Right now with the two 980's in SLI, the SIMs I use push the "gaming" system hard enough to drive the fans up significantly, and the framerates and detail is certainly sufficient for my 3x1080p (5760x1080) config that wishes to be a 3x4K someday (read 1080Ti SLI?) but they could be a bit higher by my standards.  
OK, now I'm just babbling incoherently... At the end of the day, I'm likely to be spending much more time on the media editing rig than the SIM rig when in the office (I do the majority of my motorsports work on the road in the "real world").  And I feel I'm too close to the trees to see the easiest/least expensive way out of my conundrum/forest.
I guess another option would be to go with something costing/performing less than a 1080Ti, such as a regular 1080 or 1070 series.  Are the lesser cards good enough and capable enough to run all three monitors (1920x1200, and 1920x1080, and 4K UHD) fully at 60Hz for professional level photo & video editing and grading?  I also want to be somewhat future-proofed, not having to upgrade GPUs for a while.
Thanks in advance!!
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    Re: Is my good old GTX780TI SC worthy/capable? 2017/07/12 14:49:36 (permalink)
    I would say yes, though the new Pascal GPUs will reduce the cost of electricity and your gaming experience would be enhanced. 

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    Re: Is my good old GTX780TI SC worthy/capable? 2017/07/13 02:55:37 (permalink)
    I search replacement for GTX780Ti as well. Pascal GTX1080 or GTX1080Ti or RX Vega.
    We will see, my best wishes are ASUS GTX1080Ti Poseidon or EVGA GTX1080Ti FTW3 Hybrid...
    But price is big problem. Maybe I will need to satisfied with Founders Edition or GTX1080.
    I have enough money for GTX1080. But somehow GTX1080Ti Founders is better performer than any GTX1080. It's different chip.
    Why is price not 750-760 euro for GTX1080Ti. I really expected that NVIDIA will offer something in that range, when I heared 699 for GTX1080Ti I was hoped that I will buy one card, but price now look different, special in Europe.
    If some option show up up to 800euro EVGA or ASUS I will take immediately. But only these two brands.
    When I saw pictures of GTX1080Ti FTW3 Hybrid I knew that only price could separate me from that model.
    I really suggest to anyone who don't want headache with temperature to buy FTW3 Hybrid.
    That's Jack pot for 2017/2018. Fact that she arrive later only is better for customers who were patient because less chance for problems.
    Someone could say go on 1080 Hybrid, but again that's same as 1080Ti reference. I DON'T KNOW.
    But because at the end of month is my birthday I will buy some graphic card for me soon. Best possible chip will mean a lot because I keep GPU longer, GTX780Ti is used 3.5 years. More than I planned and it's really good because I switched from GTX780 Classified to GTX780Ti K|NGP|N.
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    Re: Is my good old GTX780TI SC worthy/capable? 2017/07/17 17:10:06 (permalink)
    Just an update for anyone who's interested...
    My wife pirated one of my monitors from my desk for her desk, so I was left with only 2 monitors after all.  That being the case my config has ended up as one Dell UP3216Q 4K UHD monitor and a Dell 2407WFP (1920x1280) which I've pivoted to portrait mode so they both fit on my desk (originally planned to VESA mount the big boy to the wall.)
    So far, the 780Ti might not be the fastest kid on the block but it drives both monitors flawlessly for playing content and editing photos.  And DAYUM does 4K video look incredible on the UP3216Q monitor.  Unfortunately, it does require Windows scaling (150% which is still a bit small but works OK) for desktop/text due to its pretty massive pixel density. Video in full screen is unaffected by the scaling though - which is a good thing.
    Anyway, no need for me to pull a 980Ti out of the other rig as the 780Ti SC is kickin' it.  
    I've not tested editing video yet or any games on this config, so I can't speak to that...  I won't be gaming on it so probably never know and I can't expect that video editing at 1080p will be any issue.  4K on the other hand remains to be seen, and I plan to shoot as much as I can in 4K so it looks better when scaled down to FHD for publishing.
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    EVGA Z170 Classy K, Core i7 6700K, 16G of G.Skill Ripjaws 3200 16/16/16/35 RAM, SLI using Dual EVGA 980Ti Classies, SB Audigy, Sammy 950 512G M.2 SSD, & Supernova 1000 G2, all wrapped up in a Thermaltake Suppressor F31.
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    Re: Is my good old GTX780TI SC worthy/capable? 2017/07/18 06:16:48 (permalink)
    Yea I'm using a 780 for a 3440x1440 monitor and it's fine for gaming, it's vram capacity could be higher though.
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