Is it possible to replace one of the fans on EVGA RTX 2080 Ti myself?

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2022/06/15 14:34:04 (permalink)
I have a card that I bought through third party (think one of those pc builder websites) three years ago, which I believe is beyond warranty.
The fan's starting to make a lot of clicking noise, so loud that I basically can't use the computer. I poked around, and it seems that the first fan on the graphics card is more wobbly than the other and is brushing against the heatsink below the fan.
How difficult would it be to replace this fan myself? I am not sure how to go about to get the replacement fan and how to actually do the replacement.
It seems like the fan has a power cord that runs below the heatsink, so I might need to remove the entire upper part of the card to replace the fan.
Is there any resource on this? I'd rather not have to send it to a service center / buy a new card...

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    Re: Is it possible to replace one of the fans on EVGA RTX 2080 Ti myself? 2022/06/15 15:45:09 (permalink)
    It’s really not that hard
    Watch a video on Utube on how to install a water block or hybrid kit. There are instructions with EVGA hybrid kits that will show you how to take it apart
    Once apart there will be model number on the fan. Google that number and by the replacement. Reverse the instructions to put it back together .
    Take your time. Have a good hobby screwdriver set and just do it

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