Interesting 980ti Crashing

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2019/05/13 19:38:51 (permalink)
So I have been having an issue where my Nvidia drivers have been crashing and originally I thought my card was dying. So I ran it trough some tests stressing it and it has zero issues while stressing. It was only crashing while idle. Then I went to PSU Not the PSU. Then I realized one of my hard drive had massive error's so I pulled it and have it being warrantied. So after pulling the hard drive it was doing fine but then started crashing on idle again. Then tested Ram and it passed with flying colors. Now I think I have found the problem. Any nvidia driver newer then 388.13 will crash my 980ti in idle. I have now been stable for 26 days with no crash. Anyone know why this would be a thing? I really wish I could use a driver newer than 388.13. Thanks

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    Re: Interesting 980ti Crashing 2019/05/13 19:49:06 (permalink)
    No idea, but sounds like you need to report the issue to nvidia for investigation... https://surveys.nvidia.com/index.jsp?pi=6e7ea6bb4a02641fa8f07694a40f8ac6

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