Innodisk at Computex 2023: Has the Right Idea About Gen 5 SSDs, to Make them AICs

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2023/06/04 02:22:17 (permalink)
Innodisk at Computex 2023: Has the Right Idea About Gen 5 SSDs, to Make them AICs | TechPowerUp
Innodisk has the right idea about how to do PCIe Gen 5 NVMe SSDs—to ditch the M.2 form-factor, and make them PCIe add-in cards. This would remove the need for cartoonishly disproportionate cooling solutions with high-pitched 20 mm fans; and rather allow SSD designers to use cooling solutions resembling those of graphics cards. Gen 5 NVMe controllers have a TDP of around 15 W, or roughly similar to that of a motherboard chipset. The M.2-2280 form-factor is tiny for the deployment of a sufficiently large heatsink, and so SSD designers are resorting to active cooling, using 20 mm fans that don't sound pleasant. Most single-slot VGA cooling solutions can make short work of 15 W of heat while being much quieter, some event fanless.

The Innodisk 5TG-P AIC SSD uses a PCIe Gen 5 + NVMe 2.0 SSD controller with a large passive heatsink, a PCI-Express 5.0 x4 host interface, and 32 TB of capacity. The drive runs entirely on slot power, and besides the 3D TLC NAND flash, uses a large DDR4 DRAM cache. The company claims sequential transfer speeds of up to 13 GB/s in either direction. Innodisk is targeting the PCIe 5TG-P at workstation and HEDT use-cases. The company is building them in server-relevant form-factors such as U.2 and E.1S. A CDM screenshot shows 13.62 GB/s sequential reads, with 11.55 GB/s sequential writes.
The nanoSSD PCIe 4TE3 is a single-chip BGA SSD that takes in PCI-Express 4.0 x4 host interface, offers capacities ranging between 128 GB to 1 TB, and sequential transfer speeds of up to 3.6 GB/s reads, with up to 3.2 GB/s writes. The P80 4TG2-P is a client-segment M.2-2280 SSD with a PCI-Express 4.0 x4 interface. The drive has been tested for PlayStation 5 compatibility, and comes in capacities ranging between 512 GB and 4 TB. The drive offers sequential transfer rates of up to 7.1 GB/s reads, with up to 5.8 GB/s writes.
The P42 4TE2 is an M.2-2242 SSD targeted at the OEM and SI markets, it uses a DRAMless Gen 4 controller, and comes in capacities ranging between 128 GB and 2 TB. The drive offers speeds of up to 4 GB/s reads, with up to 3.4 GB/s writes. The P110 4TG2-P iCell is an M.2-22110 SSD with a Gen 4 interface. It uses its extra length to deploy a bank of capacitors, which gives it power-loss protection. The drive comes in 512 GB thru 4 TB capacities, and offers sequential speeds of up to 7.5 GB/s reads, with up to 5.3 GB/s writes. The P80 4TE2 iCell is a miniaturized version of this in the popular M.2-2280 form-factor, but it uses a compact DRAMless architecture to free up PCB real-estate for the capacitor bank.
Innodisk also showed off an assortment of DDR5 DRAM products in standard UDIMM, R-DIMM, and SO-DIMM form-factors, with their applications ranging between PCs to servers. There are some stand-out products, such as the Ultra Temperature class of DDR4 and DDR5 SO-DIMMs, which are meant for outdoor, embedded, industrial, and automotive applications. These SO-DIMMs feature an extreme operational temperature range of -40°C to 125°C, and come in densities ranging between 8 GB single-rank to 32 GB dual-rank.
The underlying question I have is how much would the add-in card cost?

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    Re: Innodisk at Computex 2023: Has the Right Idea About Gen 5 SSDs, to Make them AICs 2023/06/04 02:58:44 (permalink)
    I think the other underlying question is if you make a PCIe SSD that can hold 32TB is Gen5 really important and how much does support for Gen5 add over like Gen3. When you are talking about massive amounts of storage you get into an area that has typically been HDD so any SSD is going to be such a huge performance increase right off the bat.

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