Idea for new soundcard

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2023/05/25 16:56:11 (permalink)
Hi eVGA, an idea for a new soundcard:
The current soundcard is pci-e to usb to 7.1 ch awesomeness.
Why not drop the pci-e part and make an external usb soundcard but take it a step further and have a fancy dedicated PSU for the analogue stage?
I used to use an ASUS Xonar U7 until it burnt out and it was great other than it didn't have a PSU and would pick up pc noise (fixed by placing a powered usb hub in between)
I've been waiting for stock of the NU Audio Pro which looks like will never happen so am pitching an idea for the next version.
Possible benefits:
- saves two slots in PC case, real-estate is a big deal nowadays with modern tiny pc cases that only fit GPUs
- more audiophile/professional look and feel having a fancy external box (remember the Hercules Game Theater XP)
- external PSU, (cleaner power, less noise etc)
- improved PCB layout, maybe arrange it so we can swap out opamps without too much hassle/limited space etc

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    Re: Idea for new soundcard 2023/05/25 18:53:30 (permalink)
    Unfortunately I don’t think EVGA will be making any sound cards anytime soon. Last I heard there was a component shortage blocking EVGA from acquiring the parts they needed to build any components. Hopefully the future may bring good news.
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    Re: Idea for new soundcard 2023/05/26 10:22:05 (permalink)
    There are still 5(?) new ones left that the manufacturer is selling on eBay. They aren't the pro version, however. I don't see even used pro versions anywhere and the non-pro versions are appreciating in value.
    Yup, Nu Audio, RIP.  I wish I would have bought two pro versions now. Hopefully mine hangs in there until the drivers no longer function with the OS. Crossing fingers for 'Windows 12'.
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    Re: Idea for new soundcard 2023/05/27 02:55:02 (permalink)
    I think if they were to go that far with it might as well see if they could add video capture to the same device for really the dream setup for a streamer who wants great quality audio as well as great video capture.

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    Re: Idea for new soundcard 2023/05/29 18:47:14 (permalink)
    There are four left on eBay… get one now before they’re gone.
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    Re: Idea for new soundcard 2023/06/01 07:07:25 (permalink)
    I Would love to see a new soundcard that has professional Midi sound mapper support like the AWE64 Gold had or the more professional Yamaha Sound Wave 1000 XG from 1997.
    but also superb general audio support like the Creative AE-5 Plus can do, a mix of all of these would be fantastic, ideal for them multipurpose forms of use, than just gaming or general audio it's self.

    a Mix of the AE-5, Sound Wave 1000 XG, AWE 64 Gold & Nu Audio Pro 7.1 a card that can do literally everything without the nee of crappy emulators, so far not one sound card maker made  anything like this.
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