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2019/11/08 13:45:28 (permalink)
I've recently bought a new PC with the EVGA Z370 Micro motherboard and after installing windows I've run into some troubles with irq conflicts
I've managed to address most of them except for the conflict between:
Intel Serial IO I2C host controller - A2E0
Xonar Essence STX soundcard
on IRQ 16
Since by now I'm out of options, I'm coming here to ask the developers to fix the issue on the bios side of things.
Thanks in advance
Cool GTX
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Re: IRQ Conflict on Z370 Micro 2019/11/10 09:39:08 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby q_Ain 2019/11/10 13:33:50
Best place for feedback:  Complaints and Suggestions
Usually Windows handles IRQ
List your Hardware & OS (with details)

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Thank You for Your Support

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Re: IRQ Conflict on Z370 Micro 2019/11/10 09:44:00 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby q_Ain 2019/11/10 13:33:53
Do you have Windows home or Windows pro? The easiest thing to try is a different slot for the soundcard and see if the resource conflicts disappear

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Re: IRQ Conflict on Z370 Micro 2019/11/10 13:32:59 (permalink)
Thank you for the suggestions guys.
Over the past few days I went over different configurations and OS versions.
I've built the machine with specifically having low latency in mind (hence the z370 micro with no video out and only 2 ram slots)
My specs are:
i5-9600kf @5.1ghz 1.33v
evga z370 micro (almost everything that could be disabled in bios is disabled)
2x8gb gskill ripjaw 14cl 3200 ram
samsung 970 evo plus 512gb
kfa2 nvidia 2060 super 
xonar essence stx I on uni xonar audio low dpc drivers (I've tried the other ones as well)
Right now i settled on windows 7 ultimate sp1 because windows 10 ltsb 1607 doesn't support my gpu and the 1907 pro just won't properly work (polling rate and latencymon are reporting bad results no matter what i do) Everything after 1803 sets the synthetic timer for windows.
Sadly, I can't use the other PCIe slot because (if the manual is to be believed) it will set my gpu into 8x electrical mode.
For now my solution will be just disabling all of the serial IO and observing if there are any problems.
So far I've encountered none.
Thanks again
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